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As COVid 19 & UK Govt - Exposed - Ukraine & Bill Of Rights 2022 On The Horizon. Willful Misconduct.

Updated: Apr 4

The ‘policing by consent’ philosophy sustaining our democracy must not be abandoned WITHIN this manufactured crisis, we have witnessed disturbing actions undertaken by the government’s phalanx of underling enforcers, whether controlled directly or indirectly. One of the most enthusiastic enforcers of this New World Order (NWO) ethos has been the UK police.

On numerous occasions within the past two years of misery, innocent people have suffered while attending lawful demonstrations, expressing their legal right to protest. and to lawfully petition the government about its own legally suspect activities. This most visible NWO oppressor is repeatedly exercising brutal conduct and jettisoning a once world-respected policing reputation.

These paramilitarystyle operations are repeatedly televised to a worldwide audience. This is indicative of a dystopian government working in conjunction with an indifferent police service management which has voluntarily decided to sacrifice this reputation.

Situations have degenerated into grotesque spectacles of people being hauled violently from peaceful marches by caricatures of third-world paramilitaries. A caricature that reflects the new thinking by this global cabal to conduct itself in a manner clearly alien to the ‘policing by consent’ philosophy our democracy has developed.


During the government’s so called ‘pandemic’, has something important been overlooked, which undermines their whole pantomime?

Are we witnessing, as part of their obscene haste to serve their ‘Big Pharma Baphomet’, a conflict between the role of common law constable and corporate police officer, and consequently, a negation of law?

Has this continued use,or rather, misuse of the Office of Constable by the NWO enforcers, resulted in constables’ lying under oath and committing treason?

The violations of the constitution of this land and their own sworn oath would thereby vitiate the fundamental underlying authority of those constables

All Chief Constabl es in England & Wales Have The Data, Case Studies & Contacts.

They Did Nothing!!

Our proposals, which form the basis of this consultation, reflect the government’s enduring commitment to liberty under the rule of law.

The government remains committed to the European Convention on Human Rights – and, indeed, the UK’s tradition of human rights leadership abroad, as demonstrated by the introduction of our Magnitsky global human rights sanctions regime.

Equally, our system must strike the proper balance of rights and responsibilities, individual liberty and the public interest, rigorous judicial interpretation, and respect for the authority of elected law-makers. In this consultation, we assess how the Human Rights Act has operated in practice, and how it can be revised and improved.

We make far-reaching proposals for reform, with a particular focus on those quintessentially UK rights, such as freedom of speech and the right to trial by jury. We examine problematic areas, including the challenges in deporting foreign national offenders. We consider in detail the procedural framework of the Human Rights Act. And we look at the relationship between the UK courts and Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

We intend to revise and reform the flaws we have identified, and replace the Human Rights Act with a modern Bill of Rights, one which reinforces our freedoms under the rule of law, but also provides a clearer demarcation of the separation of powers between the courts and Parliament.

“All the Banks Are Broke”

Within an impassioned speech, British politician and former member of European Parliament (MEP) Godfrey Bloom thoroughly dismantles the global banking sector, proposing that banks are ‘broke” and highlighting what he calls institutional “incompetence and chicanery.”


Ukraine - Lights - Camera - Action

Text From A What's App Group - Sums it up Nicely.

Putin is now directly accusing the US of funding a network of dozens of biolabs in Ukraine. He states these labs were conducting experiments on lethal pathogens, to include: coronavirus, anthrax, cholera, African pig plague, and others. Is Putin a conspiracy theorist/Qanon influencer too?

Putin then states the US are trying to “mop up the evidence of this program” and that the US were creating components of biological weapons. Putin and his military view this US DoD funded biological activity as a direct threat to the safety of Russia.

Putin has tried to handle this diplomatically since 2018. Bringing these concerns to Ukraine and the US, and his concerns were ignored. Russia and China brought their complaints to the UN 5 months ago, and they were ignored.

Now, every single media outlet is going to scream this is “Russian disinformation”. You’re welcome to believe whatever you want, but the fact that Putin is accusing the US of these actions, is not disinformation and it’s not a conspiracy theory. The fact that Russia just conducted a series of air strikes in Ukraine to neutralize the threat of a US generated bioweapon is not a conspiracy theory. The fact that the US media refuse to acknowledge this, is not a conspiracy theory. The fact that the US media complex attempted to cover up the existence of these labs altogether, is not a conspiracy theory.

And before anyone says there is no proof the US are creating biological weapons, I’d like to remind you of that thing called Covid 19. You know, the one with the unnatural furin cleavage site, that just so happened to have the Moderna patented gene sequence, and admittedly came from a lab? The one where all the top virologists and immunologists in the world, confirmed the possibility of C19 occurring naturally were 1/3,000,000,000,000? The one where Collins and Fauci wittingly decided to cover up that it was man made to protect the faith in science?

Do you all see where this is headed? Russia knows the US created covid 19 and released it intentionally, called them out on it, and they have intelligence to suggest the US DoD funded labs in Ukraine were intending on releasing another covid strain or new virus.

Putin didn’t take over all Ukraine like the media said he would. They said he was going to take over all of Eastern Europe. What actually happened? Russia moved to the locations of the labs then stopped. They secured or destroyed the locations, neutralized any militaristic capabilities, and began peace talks. Doesn’t sound very Hitler-like to me.

A huge turning point is Putin is openly talking about these biolabs now, and no longer calling it a “special military operation”. This confirms that the mission is complete and Putin has what he was after. Proof of bioweapon production. He wouldn’t talk about the operations until they have concluded as not to compromise said military operations.

Putin doesn’t want Ukraine, he wants to stop the bad globalist actors from releasing another biological weapon, causing another plandemic and harming his citizens.

Is it starting to make sense why all the WEF/Globalist people are freaking out and all the sudden care about Ukraine? After not giving a shit about the war going on there for 8 years? Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Soros, Schwab, Clinton, Obama, etc.

Its because Putin just took over their biological black sites and ruined their next biological attack on the world.

But not only that, Putin now has the means to prove that these people created and released covid, implicating them in crimes against humanity.

Folks, this is it. This is the only chance we have at saving humanity from a group of psychopaths, hellbent on using biological weapons to shape the future the way they want it. This is undoubtedly the greatest crime against humanity in history and it’s not close. This is the final stand.

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