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Common Law Courts of Britain & International, the Superior Court.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Just took at call from Darral Pinch - Kings Patriots..

This you will love.

On Thursday the 9th of July 2020, Joseph Gregory Hallett had three major documents witnessed by 22, 24 and 26 men and women, confirming the Courts of England and Wales null and void, and the Common Law Courts of Britain & International, the superior court, having remained open throughout the lock-down, and remained honest through the most testing circumstance.

It was accepted that the Courts of England and Wales have been involved in profiting from Human Trafficking and Drug Trafficking, and are therefore no longer acting as a court.

These presented documents of 44 pages, 16 pages were witnessed and signed by 22 and 24 men and women ... followed by the Proclamation of Certified Ratification for the Legal Sanction Certificate to the Kingdoms, and King of the Kingdoms – all defined – for Joseph Gregory Hallett as King John III.

The first document was bound with red tape. The second document was bound with white tape signifying it was addressed from one sovereign to another.

The third document summarises Joseph Gregory Hallett’s position, as accepted by Queen Elizabeth II, both confirming he has fulfilled all the required prophecy and Royal Marks to become the superior and legitimate Monarch of England and the United Kingdom, for which the entire British Royal family has accept by acquiescence, by affirmative action, and signals.

The Courts of England and Wales signalled their acknowledgment of this, their distress, and their acquiescence, by hanging their flag upside-down – also on Thursday 9 July 2020.

It appears that the historic documents signed, were akin to the Magna Carta, and written and signed by King John’s descendant, Joseph Gregory Hallett – his descendancy accepted by the entire British Royal family, who have now accepted their role as absconding Exilarch without recourse.

This is known as Rex Absconditus.

Joseph Gregory Hallett, officially as Prince Regent Duke Governor – which means King to be – now has even more control of the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom, and all its territory’s, but mainly, all of its people.

Due to the twelve previous Documents witnessed, with hard-copies delivered, the final 21 days to respond, by objecting, or accepting, were up on 1 May 2020.

These Thursday 9 July 2020 Documents are the ‘Legal Judicial Estoppel Contract and Sanction Certificate to The Kingdoms, and King of The Kingdoms, for Joseph Gregory Hallett, as King John III’, as confirmed with white ribbon, from one sovereign to another.

The founder of the Common Law Courts was present, and gave a speech, stating “This was a Magna Carta moment”.

Historic Lawful, Royal, legal documents were presented, witness, lodged, and delivered. Cognovit time has passed, and these Estoppel contracts are now in force, and enforceable for King John III, Joseph Gregory Hallett

23.10.19 Process Start.

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