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Cumbria - Police Response To We The People

A quick look at Police activities across the North West and The Peoples Responses.

Cumbria Police - Will Be Taking NO Further Action?

Interesting when TREASON has been reported.

United Kingdom

Misprision of treason is an offence under the common law of England and Wales and the common law of Northern Ireland. By statute, the offence of misprision of treason under the common law of England has been made an offence which is cognisable under the law of Scotland.[3]

This offence was formerly known as misprision of high treason in order to distinguish it from misprision of petty treason, before that offence was abolished along with its parent offence in 1828.

The crime is committed where a person knows that treason is being planned or committed and does not report it as soon as he can to a justice of the peace or other authority.

The offender does not need to consent to the treason; mere knowledge is enough. Concealment of treason was itself a treason at common law until the Treason Act 1554[4] deemed it merely misprision of treason, which was a felony.[5]

This was to be expected as after our summary email after the serving of The NOTICE OF OBLIGATION five Chief Constables asked for tougher powers to deal with the CoronaVirus that isnt a Pandemic that Matt Hancock - Boris Johnson and The Banker - Corporate - EU - UN Backed Cabinet and MPs will see long sentences for TREASON and Economic Terrorism against the people of the United Kingdom.

There is NO Pandemic?

There is Criminal Activity and its Being Covered UP!!

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