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Ferguson - Your A F#cK1NG Murderer - A Disgrace

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Ferguson - Your A F#cK1NG Murderer - A Disgrace

In Full - Watch Till The End - It Gets Interesting..

Ferguson enters the fray at 7 mins 30 seconds - This is how the lies were marketed to the UK and the rest of the world.

Based on the back of misguided data modelling the world is getting jabbed.

Neil Ferguson and Team Are A Critical Reason For The Genocide

of Men Women & Children - Globally.

How Many Communications Systems Can you Place in Attack Mode!!

Most That Are 5G - LED - Fitted Across UK Councils: We The People - Case Study 5

5G Is Surveillance With The Ability To Kill - Attack Mode -

It Does What It Says On The Control Platform. The 5G Tech Is Already Fitted.

Street lamps and bus shelters to help boost 5G roll out in £4 million trial

£4m competition will explore ways to make it simpler and quicker for mobile companies to use publicly-owned buildings and curbside infrastructure - such as CCTV poles and traffic signals - to host 5G radio equipment.

Repeated Lockdowns Forecast - The Jab Is The Virus. The Jab is Control. The Jab Kills.

Ferguson - Multiple Lockdowns Will Be Needed - Get The Picture - Minute 26.

Internet of Bodies technologies fall under the broader IoT umbrella. But as the name suggests, IoB devices introduce an even more intimate interplay between humans and gadgets. IoB devices monitor the human body, collect health metrics and other personal information, and transmit those data over the internet. Many devices, such as fitness trackers, are already in use.

Abou Ali, 22, professional footballer collapses on pitch during game:

Fabrice NSakala, 31, Besiktas defender collapses on pitch during game:

Jens De Smet, 27, footballer collapses on field, passes away of heart attack:

Frederic Lartillot, French footballer collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game:

Benjamin Taft, 31, German footballer collapses after game, passes away due to heart attack:

Helen Edwards, referee taken off court during World Cup qualifier due to heart issues:

Sergio Aguero Promotes Vaccines - Social Responsibility - Nuremberg Code Violation.

Sergio Aguero, 33, Barecelona star striker admitted to hospital for cardiac exam after match:

Emil Palsson, 28, Sognal midfielder collapses due to cardiac arrest during game:

Its Time To Find The Courage - Journalist Lets Rip..

Australian Nurse Tells It As It Is.. Good On Ya..

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