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Fines - Control - The Art of War - Asymmetrical Warfare.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

We are being manipulated to wear us down. These are the tactics of todays modern warfare. Asymmetrical Warfare.

We know 5G, LED Street Lighting and the Vaccine/ Bio Weapon and swabs are the combination chosen to do the job as the media blackouts and censorship are extreme when these subject matters are raised..

UK Government and Local Councils are involved in promoting the KIll technologies or paid to look the other way.

CLAIRE EDWARDS - EX UN TRANSLATOR: The UK & German Governments stated in documents that they were deliberately ramping up the fear level. This included traumatizing children by making them believe they would torture and kill their relatives if they didnt follow the Corona Virus measures.

The latest imposed fine is for travelling overseas so those who are overseas currently or have booked a holiday after the promotions on TV are stumped not only financially but also potentially medically as its an unknown factor as your DNA is now changing when having taken the Bio Weapon/ Vaccine..

What would happen if the impact of flying identified another attribute to the long list of Adverse Reactions one can expect from the Vaccine/ Bio Weapon?

Once again - start to join the dots. Think what the Government are stating and whether it has an inkling of truth.

Do you trust Johnson - Witty - Ferguson - Hancock or Vallance with your families future or safety?

Action is being taken. For example, a gentleman by the name of Alexander Federowicz posted a comment on our site that read in part “from 1989 to 2005 the USAF, USMC, U.S. Army, and U.S. Navy all deployed 5G frequency systems. Aiming them at any public area or intentionally irradiating any military or civilian person with these weapons would have resulted in a general court-martial and a life sentence at Fort Leavenworth Military Prison. In some cases, capital punishment would have been administered.”

MI6 took note of this comment and forwarded it to their counterparts in the Pentagon and other world military agencies. The call has now been put out to hunt down and arrest all mRNA vaccine pushers, 5G promoters, etc. as war criminals.

French intelligence responded with a message that read in part:

“The death penalty has been pronounced against all those promoting worldwide genocide and fraudulent vaccine-based genetic engineering. The heads of Pfizer and Astra Z are being hunted by Special Forces. The same is true of international bankers using fraudulent high-frequency trading programs powered by supercomputers.”

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