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ITNJ - Emergency Tribunal - Covid 19 - Pandemic Hoax

Space Saver Tribunal Hearings 5 - 6

The educated approach to the pandemic hoax. Dr Rashid Buttar and Dr Judy Mikovits

Testimonies to International Tribunal for Natural Justice. ITNJ.

No4: A Must Listen To Talk Between Medical Experts, ITNJ Commissioners.

Buttar: Those Who Have Died of Covid 19, How Many had Previous Vaccines from H1N1 plus other Vaccine Programme's. This could be a cumulative effect?

This isnt a simple virus and you die. Everyone is dying of Covid 19 and nothing else?

Buttar Quoted Bill Gates - You don't have a choice on the vaccines, to go back to work you have to be Vaxxed.

There will be public hangings over this as no one will be able to hide behind Rules & Laws Created under false regimes and statutes to commit genocide.

Be they public figures, MP's Prime Ministers, Royalty or other parties.

Murder is Murder.

References were made to Spiritual Warfare and the Romanian Leader Nicolae Ceausescu. He brought in the Police to take on the People who were rebelling, The Police Joined The People.

He brought in the Army against the People and the Police. The Army joined the People and the Police.

As anti-government protesters demonstrated in Timișoara in December 1989, he perceived the demonstrations as a political threat and ordered military forces to open fire on 17 December, causing many deaths and injuries.

The revelation that Ceaușescu was responsible resulted in a massive spread of rioting and civil unrest across the country.[4] The demonstrations, which reached Bucharest, became known as the Romanian Revolution—the only violent overthrow of a communist government in the turn of the Revolutions of 1989.[5]

Ceaușescu and his wife Elena fled the capital in a helicopter, but they were captured by the military after the armed forces defected.

After being tried and convicted of economic sabotage and genocide,[6] they were immediately executed by firing squad on 25 December[7] and Ceaușescu was succeeded as President by Ion Iliescu, who had played a major part in the revolution. Capital punishment was abolished shortly thereafter.

ITNJ Summary Video: ITNJ Judicial Commission into

Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse.

Dr Buttar Website:

Use 30465 as the Invitation Code.

Dr Tasuko Honjo:

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