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5G - Bank Fraud The Link: Mail To MP Mike Kane Sale East - Wythenshawe

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

This post takes you through the linkages between Systemic Bank Fraud, Corporate Fraud and 5G Deployment. There is a link.

A Copied Document left in a Boeing Corporate photocopier linked with a report passed to President John Kennedy is a Blueprint that lead to JFKs demise and events we witness today. You may not believe some of the content but place it into perspective against other events such as 9/11 and the reality begins to come into focus.

5G Forms part of a Defence Energy Weapons Technology or Strategy.

Part of what has become known in the US as a SMART Grid.

This may now be on Your Street?

SMART - Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technology.

Where is it?

Look Up.

Street lighting changed?

Got A SMART meter?

Pay Special Attention To What Happened in Paradise California. And Read The resources section of the site. Information received through Ian Crane and Debbie Tavares. based on experiences in the USA.

Take a close look at your street lamps. Whats changed?

For Some A Great Deal, For Others they Appear Normal?

They are meant to.

But whats inside and how they will work in a wider context has now changed.

Mark Steeles Story, Pre Thursday 16th May 2019:

Control Management System. Telensa, Philips possibly other manufacturers selected by your council.

How has this happened and Who has allowed this to happen?

To Understand Fully a Degree Of Research is Required But We touch On Parts Of This Within The 5GMW Site. Always do your own research.

My story on how I got to this point was through identification of massive UK Bank fraud not being dealt with by Banks, Regulators, MPs and Government?

Many don't believe what has happened but putting things into context today when we look at the issues around BREXIT, The failure to deliver, the non investigation of the UK child trafficking market which is substantial and the Banking crimes or robberies covered up by many UK political leaders, most recently Theresa May you begin to see how this could happen, when lies are told to the public and how dishonesty covers the rifling of both private and public funds by the Bankers and HM Treasury.


2006-7 I purchased Off Plan Property In Manchester and the North West alongside 2000 plus other investors. Some 5000 properties were involved sold by Toby Whittaker who owned Dylan Harvey Group and more recently Group First. (Store First, Park First).

Whittaker's businesses model or modus operandi aka practices as others will testify are based on fraud but he never gets put away?

See Conspiracy to Commit Fraud - The British Model

Linked Further Down This Document.

Property Action Group research identifies corrupt Police and Judiciary are the key issue on this front to none investigation. They are incentivised by MP's who are paid by the Banks to overlook and help fudge the regulatory and justice system allowing fraudulent commerce to take place and all criminal parties take a share in the profits.

The Dylan Harvey/ Toby Whittaker style of fraud is know as a bait and switch technique and effectively is Bank Securities fraud. This is what caused the USA 2008 crash (RBMS: Residential Backed Mortgage Securities) impacting the UK and will cause the next crash as the system has been protected by UK Government through most recently Theresa May as Home Secretary and Prime Minister by preventing investigations into the Bank fraud mechanism into late 2018.

May Protecting the Bankers.

Roughly Securities Fraud is to get a greater value on the paperwork or promissory note and deliver less.

Those raising the paperwork (Customers) lose out, the Banks and complicit parties profit.

Whittaker made a wedge more than he should on each deal but there's another angle by those who understand the processes behind Bills Of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Securitisation and Re Hypothecation and how money is created, make so much more.

The Banks involved really milked it and rake it in. Also repossessed after the crash.

Securitisation allows Banks to make roughly 120% of the promissory note value (Mortgage Contract) and rehypothecation can be between 300%-900% of the underlying asset value (Property) They didnt lend a jot.

The greater plan of the Banks is to bring down the economies of countries they wish to manipulate and then steal the property back. This has happened in Greece, Cyprus, USA, the UK and Australia are in this stage now.

Its a Win Win for Bank Cartels. Lend Nothing, manipulate the market. Take the properties of those who cant pay.

They endorse this mechanism through their media channels but dont show what they are doing in the background to manipulate. Cant Pay Well Take It Away.

The Programme Has Become Known As Agenda21 or Agenda 2130.

Research The Links To Find Out More About The UK Systemic Bank Fraud.

If You Have A Mortgage It May Have Been Paid Off After Legal Quests Findings:

Banks don't lend you money in the first place, you created it with your signature.

Banks manage securities and create money from thin air.

This Has Been Happening In The UK Since The UK Joined The Common Market. Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey?

This Bank property theft is a technique adopted by the Nazi party in Germany in the 1930's. The Property Action Group Presentation covers more on this subject but effectively this results in negative equity in large areas as we now have in the UK and Australia are now witnessing.

There is a reason for this. Bank structured Property theft 101.

The True Banking Method That Is Now In Full Flow.

Whose behind it? Read on.

Over Valued - Didnt deliver to specification Sq Foot, Garages, Finishes not delivered

Discovering the wider UK fraud over the following years lead to meetings in Westminster Portcullis House with APPG Banking's Exec Director Heather Buchanan in October 2018 with Mike Kane MP for Sale East & Wythenshawe

My findings and story about how we had identified the fraud in the Treasury as FSA then FCA and HMRC research had pointed that all departments lead to the now HM Treasury Minister John Glen.

It was determined by Heather Buchanan that he would have to answer the questions i raised in Parliament via Mike Kane MP.

Previous Treasury Ministers, Chancellors and MP's will have been involved in the cover up over the last two possibly more decades, its the HM Treasury department that is hiding exactly what is going on from the UK public and many UK officials in public office.

Also it was identified Philip Hammond has covered up Treasury wrong doings to the Police Commissioner at Thames Valley, Mr Anthony Stansfeld.

Anthony Stansfelds testimony to ITNJ is well worth watching.

ITNJ: International Tribunals for Natural Justice have been taking testimonies from Whistleblower's and those who have tried to protect families from having their children taken and trafficked.

It is clear that the majority of trafficking and sexual abuse of children is funded by UK and International Banks protected from investigation by MP's Judges and Senior Police Officials. The UK would appear to be the hub of this sick enterprise.

The Treasury/ Bank Fraud connection was also then later noted by the Business Secretary Vince Cable and more recently confirmed by Nigel Farage indicating the internal workings of Government and Westminster were acting against the best interests of the UK public's vote to leave the European Union?

These issues also just so happen to be initiated in the the HM Treasury?

A certain Olly Robbins being the chief culprit. Gave the game away in a Brussels pub?

Some of us know through our misfortune, for others it is to question and find out how Parliament, Industry & Regulators also individual MP's really work.

How to resolve these issues are being dealt with through Property Action Group. What we have learned from 2007 to date on how the corruption has been allowed to permeate the legal and law enforcement sector has been enlightening.

Our findings are that the fraud points though to Banking Cartels. These are professional fraud networks of Banks, Solicitors Judges and Police protected by MP's and senior officials within Parliament.

On 30 November 2018 my meeting arranged through APPG Banking Exec Director Heather Buchanan with Mike Kane was particularly interesting. This was the second time i had met him and hed been briefed on the subject matter but stated he hadnt read my emails to him?

I was met with a tirade of Anti Semitism and Conspiracy theories statements and totally un researched information leaving me with no option but to cut the limited 15 Minutes short and report back to APPG Banking but had no response from them or Kevin Hollinrake who had initially asked me to meet APPG Banking and Mr Kane originally.

It would appear that there is a cover up at the highest levels?

I have a background in IT, Radio & Radar also had researched the world of Banking and was also now working with Legal Quest on Mortgage Securitisation Claims as i know a thing or two about how Banks really work and what they've been doing with the unpaid Stamp Duty Land Taxes. SDLT and re hypothecated funds.

Those Behind the World of Banking Control Most Commercial Markets and Their Regulators. Its a Protection Racket Enabling the Bank & Commercial Enterprises to Get Away With Whatever They Wish That Protects Criminal Activity & Commercial Profit. Whatever The Cost To Humanity

The FCC, regulator for telecommunications is no different to the fraud protected from justice with what is going on in the world of medicine and cancer cures.

There is a solution for Cancer sufferers but the UK Govt and Regulators don't want us to find out. GcMAF is that solution.

Also the Banking Regulator does not work in the interest of the public. They protect the Banks From Investigation.

What has all this to do with the 5G Rollout?

Who Controls The Banks, The Corporations, The Money Supply & Regulators?

What Are Their Objectives?

Here's a little snippet from "Phil The Greek" to get an idea.

1. The "Elites" As They Like To Be Known Want De Population.

2. If Your Property Was Near A Cancer Causing Device. How Will That Impact Its Value?

3. What % of UK Mortgaged Properties Are In Negative Equity. Roughly 50% Currently.

4. What % Slide Will It Take To Do What Germany Did To The Greek Economy? Estimated 20%

5. What would you do if you wanted depopulation and take properties off people?

Ultimately there is a plan that was leaked to reduce world populations and the format of a new " legal slavery" that we live is about to change and goes under various headings such as "Sustainable Cities" "Resilient Cities" or Agenda 21, Agenda 2130.

Agenda 2130, Resilient Cities in its various guises is sold to Governments through Consulting companies owned by the same people that are the cause of the issues in the Banking World. The RAND Organisation is a Rockefeller Enterprise.

Look to the beginning of this blog trail and read the trailer to Behold A Pale Horse,

Watch the Information on The Iron Mountain Report and cover the text within

THE BIG PICTURE from Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

It becomes clear when you know what 5G really is, its a Secret Weapon For A Quiet War. All the technologies that are SMART link together.

SMART: Secret Militarised Armaments In Residential Technology.

5G uses Defence Energy Weapon technologies but most councils that are implementing this do not realise as they are guided externally by Corporations owned by the Rothschild Bankers and Rockefeller RAND Organisation.

Checkout what they have financially sponsored together for decades: Eugenics

Mark Steele knows the Defence Technology market and the facts and is an expert in these matters. He owns patents in this field. It was not designed for residential use.

I attended Marks Court case in Newcastle only to see the councils Barrister making a poor attempt to de scope the true case and make what were proven to be false accusations.

Gateshead County Council did not want what this to get out and tried in vain to put Mark away. The plot thickens.

Text From The Article

Dressed in a suit and black sunglasses, 57-year-old Steele then proceeded to make claims about the council’s alleged use of 5G.

That was despite court staff warning him the trial wasn’t a platform for a “scientific debate”.

Steele said: “There is a massive crime going on in Gateshead - I don’t think the court is aware is aware of it.

“The most serious crime is the mass microwaving and pollution.

“Children are being microwaved in their bed in this borough illegally and unlawfully.”

5G The Apocalypse

I had contacted Trafford Council regarding this Technology and Issue and they said it was GMCA that needed to be informed as Trafford were not handling it.

My Queries were about the LED lighting, 5G and Health & Risk assessments made on behalf of Manchester residents.

I soon started to find that the standard answers were not researched and someone was feeding the GMCA poor responses that have been proven to be a false narrative not valid for such an important subject matter.

Email To MPs Mike Kane, Kevin Hollinrake and APPG Banking.

June 11. 10:25 2019.

5G. SMART Technologies linked to Global Incidents. Public Health Concern

Bruce Lamb <>

10:25 AM (5 hours ago)to, SME, buchananh,, ventressj Mike,

This is more conspiracy theory based possibly in your view?

But the facts are based in the content. These are actual events and sound knowledge. You are now informed.

The evidence in the USA is real and possibly what happened at Grenfell Tower in time will possibly be proven to be EMP Electro - Magnetic - Pulse generation related.

The USA Paradise California's fires were Electro Magnetic Pulse related. 

Properties with SMART meters were the properties that burst into flames.

Those without did not?

The SMART meters were PG&E owned, a Rothschild business? Kevin and Heather have already been made aware of the banking issues and have a broad range of experiences to fall back on from those who have identified their personal cases and taking them to SME Alliance and APPG Banking for airing in Parliament. I know how the Bank of America and Deutsche Bank among other securities frauds were committed and documents are copied to APPGB impacting some 5000 North West properties but this is a drop in the ocean now on a UK wide perspective.

This plan now becomes clearer as to why so many securities frauds were allowed to happen in the North of the country in the last 10-15 years. Property loss and creating negative equity de stabilising the local economies of mid to northern UK territories allows easier situations where the banks can repossess? Mike, as you will remember you acted unprofessionally in your office and burst into a tirade of Conspiracy Theory &  Anti Semitic statements and gave incorrect facts to support your view. John Glen did not have to face questions as you did not fulfill your public duty.

I recommend you follow the content on www, which im building currently but has content relevant to meetings and emails since 16.10.18 and our meeting in Portcullis House.

This was arranged by Kevin, yourself, Heather and James Ventress were present. The 10.2 Million mortgages that have been paid off by the banks while fiddling the public purse tells us that HMRC and the Treasury are party to the UK financial crimes and fraud also the take down of the UK economy covering at least the last two decades with assistance from FSA - FCA & The Treasury.

The Treasury & HMRC cover up from the fraud you will now have had been a party too, specifically by not doing your duty as a public servant.and acting on behalf of a constituent pointing out a National crime and concern. At this point Id like to thank Mark Steele as if it wasn't for his steadfast character and professionalism in taking on Gateshead Council the UK would have been less well informed on the 5G SMART technology debacle. His site Save Us Now needs to be reviewed. Immediately though there is the 5G rollout. and in your case specifically Manchester. I suggest you come up to speed as Trafford Councillors have quickly put me onto GMCA council team members who i will arrange to meet soon. 

Their response is not valid falling on false data to support their narrative unfortunately. This is by design,

Many Cities are taking on board the wider SMART Technology issues and not progressing due to the well advertised risks. I suggest Manchester does the same. I draw your attention to the resilient city initiative and experiences in California. This is a Rockefeller and Rothschild initiative, delivered to local government via the Rand Organisation( Rockefeller). 

This is where local & metropolitan council LOBO loan issues will be a key factor in manipulation of local government judgement. This could potentially be an issue or risk to citizens from any poor decisions being made by Public officials. The intention of Rothschild and Rockefeller Eugenix programmes' are ultimately reduction, manipulation and control of the global population through the Agenda 2130 initiative. These are made clear in the Iron Mountain Report and Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars documents referred to on the site. This  along with the 5G solution which  i may add is not insurable, also doesn't account for densification of EMFs, effectively this is the delivery of technology aimed at doing public harm to UK citizens. Media City's EMF situation is an Indication of where we are heading.. 

This is what densification does 6000mV plus, 6V,  As a guide 200mV for a relatively short period is the guide but this still will have a damaging impact on Health over time. My question to you Mike is

"Do The GMCA and UK Government Have The Right To Microwave Its Citizens Into a Condition of Ill Health and Certain Early Death"

The professional evidence is in Dr Sarah Starkeys reports and resource section on 5G Media Watch.

You are now fully aware of the facts and in a position to take appropriate action to stop these crimes from taking place. This is Genocide. I hope this is clear enough for you.

Thanks. Bruce

Bruce Lamb

Mob: +44 (0) 7976 30 20 68

The Innovation Forum

Salford University Business Park

Frederick Road


M6 6FP


Lets See If The Fact That GMCA & Mike Kane Are Going To Take Action Reference The Genocide by EMF Radiation Against The People Of Greater Manchester?

USA Michigan: Expert Witness Testimonies linking Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP)

Incidents To Fires & Hacking IT & Security Systems Through SMART Technologies.







Meter readings where SMART meters were installed saw a dramatic increase in bills not reductions.

Analogue to SMART costs rise tremendously. 2010 Meters installed. Continuous surveillance of the user. Check the Michigan video and understand impact to the environment.

Independent Article £215 cost with no benefits to the consumer. only cost.

Mark Steele Slide demonstrating hacking of a Tesla Car from 12 Miles away.

Lithium Ion Battery Bomb. These Could be EMP ignited.

GMCA's Promotion of The Resilient Cities Programme Leaves The People of Greater Manchester Exposed To A Level of Harm & Risk That is too great to implement.

This through experience we know is funded and advised by commercial operations who practice eugenics and questionable banking tactics.

Are GMCA exposed to financial leverage therefore making poor decisions in public office? This needs an enquiry at the highest level.

The last time Government forces tried to impose their will on the people of Manchester the people weren't prepared, they were demonstrating peacefully.

Nowadays as we've seen in Barcelona and Paris once you start causing harm to the people, the people push back.

Let Us Hope That Those Who Represent The People Of Manchester Act In The Best Interests Of Those Who Elected Them & Those Who Pay Their Wages.

Have We Progressed In 200 Years? Lets see.

The Battle of Waterloo was in June 1815 a victory for the forces under the Duke of Wellington.

Peterloo as it became known was just four years later a massacre where blades were drawn by forces of the United Kingdom, Cavalry Hussars against its own people wanting a right to vote and be heard in Parliament.

It is said that after Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild make significant gains based upon the outcome of the battle from arbitrage. This is where his real fortunes began, today the Rothschild's ill gotten gains are from Banking and commercial business strategies or business theft and manipulation.

A Commercial example would be offering LOBO loans to councils on a low rate then manipulating the scenario to the Banks advantage. Gotcha!!

Also disrupting the economics of countries that wont fall into line with their Central Bank's policies as an example The Crash of 2008? Greek situation etc.

Walking round Manchester there are many LED lamps now all over the GMCA territory and what appear to be 5G hub Antennaes.



Failsworth Manchester June 2019 . Manchester Readings

In Failsworth, below I took this picture of an Antennae no more than 2 meters from a bedroom window compared to a slide that Mark took in Gateshead of the Antennae outside a child's bedroom window.

This is a serious risk to human eyesight ( macular degeneration and diabetes are resulting issues) and general health deterioration and well being are impacted.

Im informed these Antennae should be a minimum of 7 meters from a property?

Manchester Readings Carries More Examples

This Unit Was Around 9' On a Failsworth Street Sign

This technology is being delivered under the narrative for the need to save energy?

Resilient Cities?

Read the Debbie Tavares materials on what has happened in the US "Resilient Cities Scenario" and is now happening here in Manchester.

Resilient Cities It Would Appear Cannot Think For Themselves. They have become indoctrinated through a pincer movement involving the Rockefeller Advisory Group RAND Corporation and Rothschild Banking Cartel leveraged possibly by LOBO loans or some alternative mechanism.

Who is running the show and thinking this through on behalf of the people who are paying their wages?

Weather Weapons and 5G (Phased Array) Defence Energy Technology is to be used against the people in resilient Cities. Gateshead Mark Steele Identified this 5G element early.

The massive UK Banking Cartel Fraud most recently covered up by Theresa May, Philip Hammond, John Glen and others within Central and what is increasingly looking like Local Government needs exposing fully. The fact that the blueprints are within Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and form an extension to the Iron Mountain Report

We now have to act and question those who are responsible. The decision makers need to be held to account.

The UK has been financially under attack for decades and now Weather as a weapon used to create the herding of humanity into controlled areas, through the Agenda21 programme is very clear to establish. Especially when leaked emails internally from Rothschild organisations confirm criminal activity in the US specifically Paradise California for one example.

Weather Warfare USA - Debbie Tavares & Dr Bill Deagle

The False Narrative - Weather Weapon Created



Weather Weapons and Economic Crimes are well under way. Theresa May signed over

Defences will be used to maintain Agenda 21 against a populus that has little or NO system of law to fall back on as its been hijacked by Strasbourg. The writing is on the wall.

Intercepted PGE (Rothschild) email. Weather Wars USA

We will close this with Mark Steele & John Kitson at Royal Seven Stars Totnes:

Pay special attention to what Mark says around the colour's of LED lights and their impact on your eyes.

Watch the full presentation to see what your Government Local and Central has allowed to happen for reasons only known to themselves?

Contact 07976 302068 for solutions you can apply as a business owner or someone that cares for their family and humanity.

Share with family work colleagues and friends.

We are arranging forthcoming strategies and events with Mark & John in Manchester. Thanks.


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