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Mirror Project - Strategic Intelligence - Wake Up!!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Start to connect the dots. Again the picture will come into focus over time if you don't see it immediately. At his UN Address - Boris De Pfeffel Johnson states that Any Scientific Advance is Punished by The Gods - Hes Aware of what hes doing and his ties to the Deep State illuminati system are strong. 5G is a Weapon, Vaccines with Nano Particulates - Aluminium and Tungsten plus other components will Kill you when mixed with Electro Magnetic Radiation.

The Mirror Project brings a strategy to combat the coming planned onslaught. A few videos, slides that may help bring the bigger picture of growing control together. Agenda 21, 2030 is the end game of the UN. Total Control of ALL things - including YOU.

In October of 2018 (16.10.18) I took data to All Party Political Group Banking. Requested by Kevin Hollinrake MP - Thirsk and Malton. The UK Economy was being taken down from within. Fraud and Theft were systemic.

It had proven to be initiated from HM Treasury and HMRC. Covered up by FSA, FCA, Police and SFO.

My MP Mike Kane was tasked with asking questions of John Glen - Treasury Minister in the House of Commons failed to do so. It would have been televised. Affidavit 0.9 covers this and linked events since 2006.

The Mirror Project and World Economic Forum spell out what is about to take place if you allow it. The Mirror Project appears to have a good tactical approach for intelligence gathering.

What Is Agenda 21. Rosa Koire - Authority on Agenda 21 and Resilient Cities. USA.

They have placed the foundations for Agenda 21 from 1992 to date. Covid 19 is a step along the way but a trigger to enforce change upon you. Corona Virus has Patents. US and EU.

It was designed to trigger specific events toward the UN objective. Further UN Agenda 21 Rothschild activity identified in full operation California USA by Debbie Tavares.

Media Insider - Breaks Down The World Economic Forum - NWO Plan

Keep An Open Mind, It Will Pay Dividends.

What You See In The Mainstream Is A Campaign Being Fought Against You.

They Want A New Normal.. Steps to Agenda 21 , 2130.

Step 1. The False Pandemic

You've Been Tricked. As were the Chinese in Wuhan..

Your Behaviour Is Now Being Controlled.

Social Engineering - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

Welcome Aboard

This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the "Quiet War", being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with "silent weapons".

This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry.

Fear Mongering Tactics - Logic That No Longer Makes Sense?

The Holy Grael of Information On What To Expect.

How Covid 19 Impacts All Aspects of Life.

COVID-19’s Workforce Impact: Extract from World Economic Forum.

The coronavirus has kept many employees away from offices, while other workers remain on the frontlines


The number of jobless claims made in the US between the implementation of COVID-19 shutdown measures in mid-March 2020 and mid-May topped 38 million. Meanwhile analysts have speculated that China’s unemployment rate may have reached about 10% amid the crisis, though the official figure has remained at roughly 6%. Around the world, organizations have had to reckon with a new reality where they cannot support the number of employees they could previously, or simply cannot expect employees to take daily commutes in ways that may put them at increased risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

THIS WAS THE INTENTION. IDENTIFIED & REPORTED IN THE UK 2018 plus before since 1973 we have been in economic decline. FCO 30/1048

In Washington, one of the first US states to see a spike in confirmed cases, firms including Amazon and Microsoft quickly asked Seattle-area staff to work from home, and Twitter has since told its employees that many may work from home permanently. However, other people have not been fortunate enough to be able to work from home; the death toll among National Health Service and social care workers in the United Kingdom topped 300 in late May, and employees at meatpacking plants in the US have been disproportionately exposed to infection.   


In China, the economic slowdown triggered by the outbreak caused many companies to implement pay cuts or other measures. Uxin, which sells used cars online and operates about 1,500 service centres, said in early March it expected it would take “some time” before operations returned to normal, and that it had attempted a “workload-based staffing program” across the company. Even as the number of newly-reported COVID-19 cases in China appeared to be levelling off in late February, only 30% of its small businesses had so far reopened, according to information released by the country’s industry ministry. In addition, factories across China experienced difficulties related to workers being impeded by coronavirus-related safety measures and travel disruptions.

Usually bustling locales such as Wenzhou, a city in the southeast of the country that produces much of the world’s shoes, eyeglasses, and clothing, saw their work forces dramatically thinned. In response to spikes in unemployment, policy-makers around the world have sought to deploy relief. In late April, for example, the European Union unveiled a €100 billion unemployment scheme.

Confirmation of Inside Job: UK Column:

An Orwellian World is practically upon us. You only need now to be pulled from your home after a track and trace and someone states you need a vaccination for the good of society? But Whose Society?

200 plus Levels of Information - Pre Planned Manipulation for You and Your Family.

1. Watch the Mirror Project Video

2. Then Take Your Own Journey. Be Informed.

3. Wake Up and Pay Attention.

Agenda 21

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