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SLAVE or SOVEREIGN - Do or Die - Play Your Part

Sovereignty to me is the ability to Be , Do , Have what i wish and work towards as long as i abide within The Common Law - No Harm, No Loss, No Injury and be faithful in all my contracts.

The EU is an extension of The Holy Roman Empire - The Vatican is looking to further enslave you by holding our Parliament, MP's, Lords and Constitution to Ransom.

Paedophilia is the main leverage and this is why we have the Prince Andrew/ Epstein/ Banking connections issue now being dealt with by the FBI.. The Jes Staley/ Barclays/ Epstein piece is key. There will be other CEOs of Banks involved leveraged through the Mossad/ The City connection.

Londinium or The City of London (Square Mile) was the furthest point of the Vatican Roman Empire for centuries. They were chasing down a group of guys that had special qualities - i will leave that there for another post.

They (Govt and their handlers) will use mis information - deception and lies also technology and fake pandemics to throw you mentally into the wrong thought process.

Slave or Sovereign its Your Time To Decide!!

Fake Pandemics: Media Lies - The New Normal..

Mahoney interviews The Once and Future King.

As the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, Joseph Gregory Hallett, I invite you to declare, and I declare:

No European Union treaty, legislation, tertiary legislation, regulation, directive, decision and or Instrument is effective, in force, or in the process of being done immediately before exit day 31 December 2020, on exit day, or at any time after exit day, as the European Union has been acting beyond their legal power and authority (ultra vires) writing legislation, addressing it and not sending it, claiming perpetual dictatorship in legislation, regulation and direction of the United Kingdom, via ambiguous undefined words, and multiple cross-referencing resulting in patent ambiguity in its documentation, rendering all the European Union documentation non-legal in any and every aspect, relying on an extorted government and monarchy, based on their illegitimacy and paedophilia, which renders all parties Treasonous, and therefore not able to sign any documentation on behalf of the men, women and children of the United Kingdom, who are returning to Common Law, the Courts of England and Wales having been exposed as invested in Human and Drug Trafficking, resulting in the entity known as Queen Elizabeth II leaving England for Scotland in shame, completing her Rex Absconditus in full acknowledgment of Joseph Gregory Hallett as King John III, rightful Sovereign Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and every variation thereof, resolutely demanding no influence or interference from the European Union, its legislation, tertiary legislation, regulation, directive, decision, trick or treaty, resolved to return to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Common Law and real Sovereignty for and of the Men, Women and Children, land, water, air, resources, waves, frequencies, and positive finance, to which the European Union was to be the final nail in the coffin.

True Sovereignty means no rule by Paedophiles, to which the previous Windsor Sovereigns and the European Union failed in a truly spectacular fall from grace. By the Grace of God has left Elizabeth and deposed her. The Grace of God has chosen Joseph Gregory Hallett as the new King. In the 14 days leading up to exit day, no European Union Instruments are in force, or effect, being done, or in the process of being done, and the entire United Kingdom is moving in the exact opposite direction of the European Union, which was dictatorship by paedophile and proxy-paedophile, where any paedophile could dictate the outcome of any court case, without signing their name to any document, and the EU staff also not giving their name or status, but acting effectively as the judge, jury and executioner, as long as it served the EU direction of mafia and paedophile's.

View the document here:

Parliament gets its Sovereignty as Men and Women only. The Monarch had her Sovereignty because of the Men and Women of the UK being Sovereign and Free?

Someone has changed the pecking order to rig the outcome and declared the Sovereignty of Parliament.

God, Man, GOVERNMENT, FICTION (Upper Case Legal Corporate Entities Only)

This though was under a false pretense to the UK and the World: It Affects Us All.

The now deposed Queen's last ACT of Treason was to sign over to a Rogue EU Parliament Her Sovereignty? This cannot be allowed to happen. We have limited time to correct this injustice on the people of the UK and Commonwealth. Its time to act!!

Again ACTS - STATUTES Apply to (PERSONS) NOT Men & Women.


Therefore a Counterfeit document. Same As The Corona Virus Act 2020

Reference Materials:

Reference to the Loss of Sovereignty and its IMPACT!!

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