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Still A Conspiracy Theory? - A Framework Discussion

The number of factual subject matters that can be discussed to dis prove that this is a conspiracy theory. When you have the evidence that points at MP's Lords and Monarchy are not acting in the best interest of the people and specific events are NOT as presented in Mainstream Media. Affidavit 0.9 draft Begins to identify Not All Is Right In The World.

1. When you also try to inform the Police that your Government is involved in Genocide, Fraud and Economic Terrorism, they close down the chat sessions, we have a problem? To Be Continued..

2. The entire world is in lock down. From a hoax Corona Virus pandemic?

Let that sink in.. If it hasn’t already 3. 5G is being rolled out world wide conveniently at the same time.... Research health effects of 5G

4. Prince Harry and Megan leave the royal family. - I would too if I found out my own family had my mother killed, and were satan worshipping, child traffickers -

5. Prince Andrew is accused for pedophilia and was extremely close with Jeffrey Epstein.(A convicted pedophile) Research Epstein Island, Lolita express (if you have a strong stomach) 

His father was a paedophile, his brother Charles was mates with Jimmy Saville and Prince Edward is a convicted Paedophile in New Zealand

6. Research Pizzagate (if you can handle it)

7. Wiki leaks exposed Hillary Clinton for being a child sex trafficker (along with Obama, Podesta and many other people in power) and she conveniently deletes over 300,000 emails, and destroys a laptop and mobile phone she used while in office... and gets away with it??

9. Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s biggest germ was finally arrested for sex crimes (another elite pedo) .. all of a sudden he gets the “virus”...?

10. Prince Charles & now also the Queen conveniently have the “virus”, yet the queen fled the palace to self isolate weeks ago...?

Who is Gregory Hallett?

11. All of your Hollywood favourites have the virus. Adrenochrome is your topic here, research it.

12. Bill gates is pushing vaccines and global depopulation, and he conveniently owns 15% of the WHO (World Health Organisation). Yes, the WHO is a business, go figure. Which is also owned by George Soros and the Rockerfellers. Don’t know them? Research them. (This information alone should make your stomach churn).

13. Google is currently uncensored and you can access this information. (Why now?) Whilst you’re there, keep googling “Adrenochrome” and start to follow the trail...


Adrenochrome conspiracy Please help.

Someone close to me may be connected to the disappearance and murder of countless children; most of them refugees or otherwise disadvantaged – all untraceable. All forgettable. And now, all dead. He told me about a drug called adrenochrome that could produce a high beyond any other. And unlike those other drugs, there are no ill effects. Quite the contrary; there are substantial benefits from consuming it: greater health, increased vivacity, and a host of other, smaller effects. Combine those with an intense sense of euphoria and you have a substantial demand.

The issue is this: it is a derivative of the chemicals produced by the human body when it is under intense, immeasurable fear. My former friend, who confessed his involvement during a fleeting crisis of conscience, insisted this was true and cited a number of dubious-looking studies and fake news sites. But then there were the photos. 14. An Adrenochrome batch was made in Wuhan... how fitting...? (Connecting the dots yet?) 15. US has deployed 30,000 troops to Europe. “for training”. Without masks or any hand sanitizer... Interesting..

The first armored unit arrived from the port of Savannah, Ga., to that of Bremerhaven in Germany. Altogether 20,000 pieces of military equipment arrived from the USA in six European ports (in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia). Another 13,000 pieces are supplied by the U.S. Army in Europe from prepositioned depots, mainly in Germany, Holland and Belgium.

These operations, reports the U.S. Army in Europe, “require the participation of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians from many nations.”

At the same time, the bulk of the contingent of 20,000 soldiers arrives from the U.S. in seven European airports. Among these are 6,000 National Guard coming from 15 states: Arizona, Florida, Montana, New York, Virginia and others.

At the beginning of the exercise in April, reports the U.S. Army in Europe, the 30,000 U.S. soldiers “will spread through the European region” to “protect Europe from any potential threat,” with clear reference to the “Russian threat.”

16. 600 Mexican drug cartels have recently been arrested, one of the biggest busts in history by the U.S... why didn’t we hear about that? Trump openly speaks about this more and more in his daily press releases as the days roll on, speaking about winning the ‘war, and barely mentioning the actual virus in his ‘Coronavirus’ briefings. 17. 298 Saudi’s royals, billionaires, lawyers and judges were recently arrested for crimes and corruption. 18. 3 Chinese including 1 Harvard professor were prosecuted for economic espionage a few weeks ago.. which is all extremely relevant to Wuhan, Covid-19 and everything that’s going on right now. Research this.

(CNN)A Harvard University professor and two other Chinese nationals were federally indicted in three separate cases for allegedly lying to the US about their involvement with China's government, the US attorney for the district of Massachusetts announced Tuesday.

Federal authorities told reporters the cases highlighted the "ongoing threat" posed by China using "nontraditional collectors" like academics and researchers to steal American research and technology.

Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, who is the chair of Harvard's Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, is accused of lying about working with several Chinese organizations, where he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from Chinese entities, US Attorney Andrew Lelling said at a news conference. 19. Trump crashed the Fed bank, they bought all of the gold and now hold the keys to creating a gold back currency, removing the fiat. The fed and treasury were basically merged meaning that Trump is now the Chairman for the global banking system with the people’s money. Not the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Soros, Goldman the list goes on.. this is HISTORIC.

1. The Federal Reserve is buying mentioned assets using Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) funded by the US Treasury (taxpayers). Therefore, in reality, American people are the buyers. Recall that the Federal Reserve is allowed to buy only government-backed securities.

2. By buying speculative assets such as BB- companies there are simply bailing out insolvent companies. Those activities violate the Federal Reserve Act (they are skirting it using SPVs).

3. If they are buying junk and investment-grade bonds plus related ETFs – will they start buying leveraged loans, stocks, and equity ETFs too if the market will continue its turmoil?

4. If companies default and will not be able to payout their debt, then the losses are covered by the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) – emergency reserve fund of the US Treasury Department - using taxpayers' money. 20. For this to be possible, the economy must be crashed. All corrupt coin needs to be drained. A 14-28 day lock down is the best way to do this and even better way to re-distribute the money back to people on government grants, payg refunds for business and ato offsets.. making sense yet?

No longer will 99% of the worlds wealth be owned by an evil, greedy and corrupt 1%.

21. Believe what you want. Take what I say with a grain of salt... but open your eyes beyond the virus... and gosh.. just do some research! It’s all happening. 22. Dozens of the worlds most powerful CEO’s have stood down.. why? Disney, Microsoft, Groupon and over 1300 of the top CEO’s.. gone. This was before the crash mind you... what are they running from??? 23. Thousands of arrests have been made for child trafficking, human trafficking and sex abuse.. but the media is not telling you that... what are they hiding? Nurses are coming forward speaking publicly about the fact they’re treating hundreds of children in hospitals right now.. not for Coronavirus but for malnutrition, some extremely deformed, and all with extreme psychiatric damage due to trauma.

24. It’s widely known there are underground tunnel systems (research D.U.M.B ) that have been used for decades to traffick people for sex slaves and organ harvesting, across the globe. There is currently a monumental military operation going down, lead by POTUS to uncover these children, arrest those involved, and stop this evil once and for all.

25. What you are seeing is a war. An invisible war that Trump keeps taking about... 26. It’s a war between Trump and his Secret Service against the elites, bankers and mainstream media. 27. A war between good and evil. 28. Pay attention to the bigger picture. Trump has arrested and caught more pedophile and child trafficking rings in the world... but I bet you didn’t know that because the mainstream (George Soros funded media) make out that he’s a moron... 29. Trump will go down in history in the coming Weeks. Months. Years 30. There is no need to panic or have fear. This whole thing is working out as it needs to for Trump and his team to remove the corruption and power that has taxed your hard earned dollars, loaded your loans and credit cards with interest and pulled wool over your eyes.. we have been living as slaves to the system for long enough. 31. You’re going to see some big names get called out, to the point where you don’t want to believe it. Oprah. Ellen. Obama. Gates. Clintons. Podesta. Hanks. Madonna. Gaga. The list goes on and on and on.

32. If you still believe that 9/11 was a terrorist attack from Osama Bin Ladin who trained donkeys to fly Cessna's, which then magically up skilled into Boeing’s and flew aluminium planes into 580m steel reinforced towers that collapsed like a deck of cards, not to mention tower 7 which was a block away but folded. (Let’s not forget the 6 seals who took Osama down that were killed in a mysterious chopper crash. RIP fellas).... you’re in for a wake up call...

33. Some of the Big Banks WILL go bankrupt, They have Been Fiddling The System & Inflating The Money Supply For Decades. They are already on their knees. Income tax WILL go away and the elites will no longer rule you or the world. Welcome to the New World Order....

Don’t believe me, others? Do the research for yourself.

Personally I would read the Clinton emails on Wikileaks. Once you read that you’ll believe the rest.

Many of the most powerful people are more sick and evil than you could ever imagine Start listening to Trump’s daily press briefings. Read between the lines.

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