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Testing - Testing - Testing - The Real Reason For Testing

Again - Join the dots. The real reason for testing - testing - testing. Whats in a test kit ?

Ethylene Oxide and DARPA-Hydrogel (Bio Weapon). Carcinogen.

Hancock gives the game away. Testing population wide. Why would you want to test Nationwide for something that doesn't exist (No Virus) and the test doesnt work? No Virus No Test No Contagion?

Hancock disappeared or was outed, the same day PHE announced 60% of the double vaxxed were testing positive for COVid 19. The mRNA - DNA changing contents are in the jab. This makes you non human and then its in for the kill. Talmudic Style

Innova Medical Group Recalls Unauthorized SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test with Risk of False Test Results

Test Test Test - Now Whats in the test kits that Matty Boy wanted to get out there on behalf of the Cabal - illuminati - UN - EU - CCP - WEF? This is Assymetrical Warfare

Whats Hydrogel? - What Does It Do?

(Natural News) The average person living today has little idea how far the development of self-assembling nanotech biocircuits has progressed. So-called “fact-checkers” (professional propagandists and liars) deliberately mislead people into thinking there’s no such thing as a self-assembling graphene-based biocircuitry system that could be feasibly injected into people and called a “vaccine,” but the published scientific literature lays out a comprehensive, well-documented body of research that shows this technology is quite real… and has been tested in biological systems for at least two decades.

A “self-assembling” system means that a person is injected with instructions that set into motion a process where a structure is assembled inside the body, using resources available in the blood (such as iron and oxygen atoms). In effect, nanotech self-assembly means that a microchip doesn’t need to be “injected” into someone, since the circuitry can be assembled in vivo after injection.

Police Remove Helmets To The Chant of Arrest Matt Hancock

It's all real

What this research demonstrates is that:

  • Self-assembling nanotechnology is real.

  • Biocircuitry interface nanotech is real.

  • The nanowires and nanocircuits can be controlled by external electromagnetic fields.

  • This tech has been studied and developed for at least two decades and is backed by a large body of published research.

  • It is therefore feasible for today's "vaccines" to contain self-assembling nanotechnology that interfaces with human biology and is controlled by external broadcasts. This doesn't prove that such a scenario is happening for certain, but it shows that the tech exists and is feasible.

If you're still not convinced, consider this text from a study published nearly a decade ago, in December of 2012: Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-Based Delivery Systems for BiotherapeuticsThis review covers recently-developed magnetically-driven delivery systems, their unique characteristics, and their applicability for delivery of biotherapeutics.

Reiner Fuellmich - Transcript - Joska - A Media Group

Ilana Rachel Daniels reports from Israel.that their government has just signed a 7 year contract with Google and Amazon to pass all sensitive personal records and data of the Israeli population into their cloud ( health, pensions, social services, tax records, banking details and more) she also reports that the Vatican is a major real estate and land owner in the state of Israel.

The Knesset building itself is build on land registered in the name of the Vatican. Ilana says hardly anyone in Israel really fathoms the depth of the deception going on around them. Viviane Fischer, the leading organiser of the Fuellmich team observes that a recent opinion poll conducted revealed that in excess of 70% of the German populace do not trust the governments handling of the Corona situation.

She also observed that about 8 million would be prepared to actively join demonstrations now. It looks as though a groundswell of organically sceptical feelings are welling people, even the vaccinated ones. Vera Sharav, the Holocaust survivor, has been warning for a long time about the parallels. Her, being in her late eighties, made it as a little girl and ibsrves it is so hard to have witnessed all these developments yet another time.

The oligarchs, Schwab and Gates and so forth could not have done it if the medical establishment had not gone along with it. At the time during the

Nuremberg trials the doctors were let off lughly and never stood trial, bar a few ones. Vera observes that the same protocol is being enacted yet again, first the carbagevun the retirement homes, the elderly, the handicapped, the pregnant woman and finally the children.

The public private partnerships flourished during the eighties and Bill Gates organised 39 firms to sue the South African government for trying to import unpatented AIDS medications by Nelson Mandela. Vera also says that the formulae for the vaccines are under mutary lock, despite there not being a war like situation.

NO CONTAGION - Dr Thomas Cowan

Note: All Vaccinated

The Whole System Needs Dis Assembling. Your Governments Have Funded The Pandemic Via GAVI - Astrid Stuckelberger Speaks

THE PRESS LEADS THE WHO - We Are In A State of False Science.

GAVI Manage The Hoax Pandemic - The De Population Agenda

Swabs - Vaxxes - 5G

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