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The Indian Experience - A Corrupt Fascist Regime - CDC - FAUCI - The Indian Variant - Pfizer Report.

We have been shown clips of what is happening in India of the New World Order/ World Economic Forums tactical approach to killing and starving the population.

Scare tactics and a repeat of Wuhan where 5G and influenza vaccines were the key contributing factors. to the loss of life.

Work In Progress..

Removal of food - Crop Destruction - Asymmetrical Warfare - Fascism to the extreme and Genocide. This will happen in the UK, its siege mentality.

In an exclusive interview to The Indian Express, White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci commented on the situation in India saying that the situation was desperate but could be countered. Dr. Fauci also added that US research organisations were studying variants of the virus but that samples from outside the US like those from the UK & India should also be studied. He said the government’s immediate priority should also be to procure oxygen and other supplies to counter the deadly second wave that has hit the country.

Informed Consent?

Fauci - Recommends Lockdowns - Supplies - Emergency Hospitals (Nightingales -UK) Military. Consider This A War - The Enemy Is A Virus - The Enemy is The Media and The 5G - Bio Weapon rollout combo..

Claire Edwards ex United Nations translator

Complete Ban On Moving Out of Homes - Modi - India - This is where UK are Going Next

The Highwire Del Bigtree - VAERS statistics US. Adverse reactions - less than 1% recorded. MHRA UK covered up the cure for Cancer:

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