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The Rumour Mill - Richard Vobes - Chairs of Estate. MI5 - 5G

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

A very witty take on current events - Richard Vobes.

Richard looks at recent events.. Satire at its best.

Nikola Tesla : 3-6-9 : 2-4-8. The Answers were all around us all the time.

Download PDF • 602KB

Hidden Within:

Technical Questions from Richard Vobe - Satoshi - BSV

BSV - Bitcoin - Toshi - Richard Vobe

Energy Shift Gathering (2)
Download PDF • 12.32MB
Energy Shift Gathering Conclusions V2 (1)
Download PDF • 2.81MB

16-Nanoslavery-Rev-12 (1) (1)
Download PDF • 266KB
05-The-most-horrific-Ilnesses-and-what-causes-them (2) (1)
Download PDF • 86KB
06-The-Most-Horrific-Parasites (2) (1)
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Mi5 Report - Net Zero - Terrorist Attack on UK Men & Women.

UK Weapon Specialist Mark Steele Calls MI-5 to Report Domestic Terrorism/Mass Extermination - Graphene Jabs Containing Antennas/5G/Deadly Street Lights and the WEF Connection

Street lamps and bus shelters to help boost 5G roll out in £4 million trial

Download PDF • 3.86MB is a weapon system and a crime against humanity says Mark Steele
Download PDF • 662KB


The terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena was a terrible tragedy. The bomber killed 22 innocent people and harmed many others. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those killed, and with all those whose lives were changed by this appalling act of terrorism.

Having examined all the evidence, the Chair of the Inquiry has found that “there was a realistic possibility that actionable intelligence could have been obtained which might have led to actions preventing the attack.” I deeply regret that such intelligence was not obtained. Gathering covert intelligence is difficult – but had we managed to seize the slim chance we had, those impacted might not have experienced such appalling loss and trauma. I am profoundly sorry that MI5 did not prevent the attack.

LEEDS 15 Minute City - Monitoring

Rik Mayall - One By One

1400 Hrs 10.10.2022 - Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council - Personal Delivery of Letter Before Claim. Handed to Richard Roe for Eleanor Roaf - Director of Public Health. Copies Andrew Western - Council Leader, Gerard Lennox - Planning. Clerk to the Council for distribution to all Councillor's.

cc list to:

cc. Clerk to the Council - Distribute to all Trafford MBC councillors.

cc Mike Kane MP – Labour. Sale East & Wythenshawe.

cc Graham Brady MP – Conservative 1922 Committee Chairman. Altrincham & Sale West.

cc Andrew Burnham – GMCA Lord Mayor.

cc Stephen Watson Chief Constable Greater Manchester Police. INT/06A1/0004545/21.

cc Gerard Lennox – Trafford Borough Council Planning – Reference: TFD17397

cc Andrew Western – Trafford Council Leader.

cc Mark Caine – Inspector Appointed by The Secretary of State. Decision 18.05.22.

cc The Manchester Evening News.

cc Messenger Group Newspapers.

cc NPCC Fiona Greenless FOIR & Decision Maker. FOIR 301/2022.

cc HMRC CEO Jim Harra. NOCA – Process - No response – Default.

cc Manchester CCG. Parkway Business Centre M14 7LU.

cc Conway Road Health Centre - Dr Sally Frier. GP.

Reverend Bob Murphy - This Is Manchester - We Do Things Differently Here:

With Thanks To Tony Wilson & The Bee Hive Pub. Bury.

Residents V Colchester City Council 21st March 2023

522-2017 Ariana Grande..

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