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Trafford - GMCA - FOI Responses. 5G The Truth

UK Govt - UK Deep State Operatives Looking To Roll Out 5G on The UK Public.

Start to become aware of what is happening and take an interest.

Your families lives depend on this.

This is Part of A Greater Economic Attack on the UK Started Decades Ago.

The extraction of the Countries Wealth from Securities Frauds and forthcoming Mortgage Securitisation Claims is being followed up by Genocide as described in Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. The handbook of Commercial Psychopaths.

Do Not Think That This Always Happens Somewhere Else.

It Is Happening Here and Now!!

GMCA FOI Request: Linked

In order to roll out the same technologies globally that are causing harm there have to be complicit parties at every level that are either in the know or compromised.

They do not follow an oath of public service office but an allegiance to their "secret society"

This we may find are operations such as freemasonry or Common Purpose.

Some parties will be misinformed but some parties have access to all the data that identifies we have a major problem in the offing.

This is early days but we now have to be persistent. Unrelenting in finding out whose involved from a UK perspective.

The undermining of the UK economy is in full play. Those who will not comply with Freedom of Information Requests are part of the cover UP.

Someone knows the overall plan and aren't telling you.

Richard Roe to Myself: Copying Mark Steele

MARK Steele PDF :Response

The Glasgow 5G Genocide Plan. OR Kill Grid:

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