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Westminster 24.10.22 - Vaccine - Jab - Injury Debate

I needed some genuine answers from the members of the parliament & ministers in Westminster Covid 19- vaccination injury debate today on 24/10/2022 .

1.mRNA vaccine replaces natural mRNA within cell to produce spike proteins from ribosomes in the cytoplasm which results hyper immune response resulting cardiovascular damage, myocarditis, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, dementia, strokes ,paraplegia , azoospermia infertility etc.

2.Why unlicensed/experimental vaccine was rolled out in rush to public without going through proper trials with full indemnity by government & pharma ? Corona virus was a national emergency is not an answer!

3. Any medication before introducing into the market has to go through years of complete trials and safety measures before rolling out in public for the treatment .Why New vaccine mRNA introduced first time was rushed into public without going through proper trials & testing which normally takes 5-to 7 years ?

4. Why fully informed consent was not taken before injecting vaccine

Westminster Hall debate

24 October 2022 at 4:30pm

e-petition 602171, relating to the safety of covid-19 vaccines

Dear All

Please join us for the open public debate with the parliament of the U.K.

Day: Monday 24/10/2022

Time: 1630 hours to 1800 hours .

Venue Add : House of Commons ,Westminster London ,SW1A 0AA

Please come & have your say, not to be missed.

See you then.

Best regards

Dr Mohammad I Adil FRCS

Debate on Covid-19 vaccines and the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme

Download PDF • 272KB

The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) was established under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979.

It provides a one-off, tax-free, lump sum payment of £120,000, out of public funds.

It is accessible to people over the age of 2 years who are (or were, immediately before their death) “severely disabled” as a result of vaccination against specific diseases or, in certain circumstances, through contact with a person who has been vaccinated against any of those diseases.

Successive governments have emphasised that it is not a compensation scheme but is instead intended to “ease the present and future burdens of those suffering from severe vaccine damage, and their families.”

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