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5G Manchester & Trafford GMCA Communication

30th May Response and Further Research 5G-SMART-Resiliant Cities.

Bruce Lamb <>

Fri, Jul 5, 8:04 AM

to phil.swan, helen.wilding, Alison.Gordon, John.Steward Hi Phil, All, This is a little long winded, the subjects are related but may not appear so initially. Given the severity of the issues i feel the content is measured. I've compared known facts in non related industries so you can get an idea of what is happening on the dis information front. 

It isnt just 5G and SMART technology where a false thought process dictates a specific set of activities.

I'm quite prepared to come in and have a chat over a coffee if all this below is new to you. Which i feel it may be, you don't start looking at these things till something wakes you up with me it was fraud 2006/7 not addressed correctly by those who are meant to be regulating and putting away the bad guys. 

I've found that the bad guys were running the show and its affecting us all. For the sake of the safety of people in Manchester its best you are fully informed. Saves any we didn't realise or understand the issues fully, as an after the event statement from Andy Burnham will be hollow to those who lose family members.

We don't need anymore planned tragedies in this city. The true culprits always drift away into the background by design, unless identified and caught. This is their strategy as covered in Silent Weapons Quiet Wars. This is also referred to later in the text. I received your response back on May 30th but wanted to do more research before i came back to you and your team. I have further related information but this will do for now. Thanks. My background is in IT and many years ago was in Radio and Radar systems. However this was many years ago and more recently it has been business analysis and project management in corporate's till late 2016.

2016 - Date I've been working on Bank fraud and related solutions as by 2008-12 id identified a £200 Million Bank fraud that was whitewashed/ covered up by Police, Economic Crime Units FSA then FCA. Also I've been assisting in Mortgage Securitisation Claims where 10.2 Million mortgages have been paid off by the Banks. No taxes paid to the public purse stamp duty land tax. SDLT This then identified issues in HMRC. Legal cases start later this year. I have the evidence showing how some of the Banks and Criminal team pulled it off. Took a while but i didn't anticipate finding what i did from the outset.

I will explain the context and why i mentioned the above, then let you know my findings and discussions with key individuals are thorough as unfortunately central government is no longer a credible standard to hang your hat on especially when it comes to regulation, standards and finance also the individuals involved in recent years will be outed soon. 

These are being dealt with by ITNJ.  Police Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld expands on the general Bank Fraud: What we are finding across Medical, Telecommunications and Banking the regulatory authorities are run by the respective industry main players and anything that impacts their profits gets kicked into the gutter to be straight to the point. 

Any questions asked in Parliament, if you get there gets ignored or as I experienced the MP gets that flustered he hits you with a barrage of ill researched nonsense which effectively is embarrassing for him and in my case prevented my questions being asked in Parliament of John Glen The Treasury minister in December 2018. Kevin Hollinrake MP with my data and many others asked for a tribunal addressing issues in the Banking sector in the House of Commons. Theresa May blocked this and we now know why. She is a major part of the problem. Ex Bank of England staff. It was agreed in Westminster by APPG Banking and Kevin Hollinrake MP that it appeared i had proven fraud and cover up to Treasury level involving the Regulators (FSA/FCA), HM Treasury and HMRC other business owners knew there was a problem but data i was party to narrowed it down to the Treasury. Others had similar experiences in investments and business.

My evidence was based on apartments bought in the North West, one in Manchester. 5000 in total over valued £30-40k each 2000 plus investors. The method used was Mortgage Securities Fraud. This though is systemic and widespread across the UK covered up by the FCA as it is Bank driven. FCA report to the HM Treasury. With the Mortgage Securitisation process knowledge this narrowed it down.

This Mike Kane will have to answer to in the fullness of time as he is a public official and is answerable to the public. There is a duty of care and oath of office to uphold. Banking is money but Medical and Non ionising radiation issues in the telecommunications industry means people lose their lives when it is managed and regulated for profit only.This is the case here we now have with 5G and SMART technologies. 

There is an effective remedy for cancer treatment but the MHRA have blocked its use preferring to spend £40,000 per chemo based cancer treatment as opposed to £380 per round on Gc MAF that has 9000 plus stage 4 successful case studies in the bag, all people cleared of tumour's and cancer related illnesses . MHRA is a pharmaceutical industry managed, government backed regulator. As is the FCC in Telecomm's. I can expand on this again. These are examples are show what level of corruption is happening in the Banking and Medical arenas. 

Now lets look at 5G, SMART Grids and Resilient Cities. 5G in itself just says this is the next step up from 4G but what is being identified is not just faster downloads and bandwidth availability but frequency bands/ wavelengths that do harm to individuals and this impacts women, the unborn and children first due to the higher water content in their bodies. Think of meat in a microwave and you get the picture.

I will leave that element there as if you do the research with industry specialists this you will find all the supporting data you need. There is plenty on the net but i recommend 5G The Apocalypse. to get a broad brush view in 40 minutes. I have many examples being brought together. Also US FCC hearing data needs to be reviewed.

Health specifics see Dr Sarah Starkeys work. All we need to know is many cities are now dropping 5G and SMART Grid deployments as they are a complete unknown, untested and un insurable and should not be tested on a population where there is a high risk of doing harm. What has been identified is being mis reported and camouflaged to keep the harmful issues low key.

I was a little more blunt when indicating this to Mike Kane MP Sale East & Wythenshawe as this has now been lodged with him. The simple fact that potentially those councils, businesses and regulatory bodies implementing this unknown product/ service that is not insurable could be committing genocide, should be enough to debate whether there is a stop placed on this in any city globally, here we are addressing the UK and Greater Manchester specifically.

Mike Kane responded on House of Commons paper to the effect my email content had been noted. Other MPs and Business bodies were copied. Id like to draw your attention to Dr Sarah Starkeys work where the ICNIRP standard has been proven to not be adequate, incorrect and outdated. 

This is harder to find so please find the links below. Watch and understand the impact if ICNIRP is your standard the regulators standard will be questioned thoroughly given the potential backlash an informed public will deliver when all is disclosed.

Responsible and Accountable individuals and bodies will be held to account in time should this deployment continue. While carrying out the research and noticing that Manchester is now a "Resilient City" my attention was drawn to the work of Debbie Tavares in California.  Resilient Cities had targets and criteria to meet. These were laid down by the Rand Organisation on behalf of Central Government? Rand is a Rockefeller organisation. I'm assuming this is the case here in Manchester? Im interested in the resilient city selection criteria here as Im aware of the LOBO loan situation and wondering if Manchester got involved and therefore ended up being lead up this route?

Debbie's name came to the fore when the resilient town of Paradise California was impacted by what is now believed to be an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) was transmitted into The SMART Grid. The SMART Grid is the network of SMART Meters that communicate with one another and send "back data" that has been gathered by its network to the management system. The US are further advanced with these roll outs therefore good case studies for the UK to become more informed and then stay well away where possible.

Back data could also be termed spying in some circles when the home owner gets to know after the event what technology is being used to interrogate his properties and bins etc in the world of IOT. Paradise properties with SMART meters burst into flames, properties without SMART meters did not.. Relevant source materials available on video. The infrastructure and meters were delivered by PG&E, a Rothschild Company.

Having watched what is happening in this sector given my experience with Banking, Fraud and Government i attended the trial of Mark Steele (5G The Apocalypse) on the day of his cross examination at Moot Hall Newcastle as an observer in the gallery. 16th May 2019. This was the first 5G related trial globally.

Through his aunt and uncle who i met outside the court we connected and i now have the full detail of his findings in Gateshead and the reason for the concern he has shown.What transpired in Gateshead if it were a product trial or case study of some sort needs to be established and made sure it isnt repeated elsewhere.Its easier to correct a project retain some value as opposed to delivering something that is totally not fit for purpose and found to cause harm and end up getting a barrage of claims that will ensue. My questions to your team at this point are:

1. Who is the Technical Design Authority/ Authorities or Responsible for the GMCA deployment of SMART technologies and 5G implementation?

2. If a breakdown of the component parts can be released to ascertain potential health and environment risks who do i need to speak to?

3. Who is running the Risk Registers and project stage deployment monitoring?

4. Who is the Resilient City Programme Manager?5. Who is monitoring safety standards in the City?

My concerns are if 5G hits the Manchester high street and not stopped previously what will the real health impact be and who is responsible? 

Given the data available id say a rapid increase of EMF/ Cancer related diseases will take place based on available data also those who are made aware and do not act become responsible. It is our duty to report criminal activity and that is what i see happening here. Will it be the Gateshead experience where children initially are dying of rare cancer EMF related diseases? One of the mothers who reported this originally and found Mark on a local facebook forum, her son has now died of a rare heart cancer a week or two ago. Mark informed me of this late last week. A second child is in the latter stages of the same heart cancer type which is very rare.

The acceptable EMF standards quoted are somewhere in the region of 200mV/ meter for 6 Minutes for an individual exposed to radiation. 

To gauge what an area will look like of when a High Volume toxic EMF substance is present that you cannot hear see or smell, i took an EMF meter to Media City as they have plenty of EMF radiating technology inside and potentially outside the buildings and this i thought would be a good baseline for the high street and residential environment of the future.

Readings were 6000mV/ meter (6 Volts) 30 times greater than the 200mV guidelines constantly.

Are BBC and ITV aware of what their combined outputs are doing to staff and visitors to the Media City area?

Whoever is in charge of Public Health and related airborne toxicity issues needs to be informed. We can follow this up. This was the meter reading going off the scale:!ApCwWYmI_p2Dhr1NJt2gmk20s5tp9A?e=Rmpwe8 (with audio)!ApCwWYmI_p2DhsAQ9QoW_o14DPb9CA Exiting from trams at Grand Central/ Oxford Rd:!ApCwWYmI_p2Dhr08sZUoFwICLF0YNw high readings also possibly due to electric tram activity, overhead wires etc. Most of Manchester where readings were taken is acceptable except there will be hot spots especially where there are large numbers of SMART Meters in blocks of flats/ offices which are going up rapidly or in close proximity to masts and antennae. I'm taking a few readings as there needs to be a baseline of now and at a given time in the future should an incident occur and from experience those delivering these technologies wont be doing this as it will not have been considered.

The densification of EMF signals is where the problem lies as this is the key reading.I'm told by experts in this field this is why the technology and frequency bands have been restricted to Defence use only up till now. 

This could account for the Grenfell Tower rapid fire spread apart from the flammable tiles they had reported 40 plus meters getting electrical surges after refurbishment: Its EMF densification that people need to get their heads around, not just 5G that doesn't describe the core issue nor the environment we are creating with the rollout of 5G.

Extract: In a letter dated 24 July 2013, the council's housing department stated that "…a series of surges were reported in Grenfell Tower…" and that the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, or TMO, that was responsible for managing the block "…has been actively investigating the cause…". The EMF densification causes flash over fires and antennae in the US have been igniting also the Korean switch on city fires had a devastating impact.These fires are not normal by admission of those fighting them.

Lessons From The USA The Paradise California reports are mainly on you tube and in a limited US press. These accounts must be listened to as any lessons learned and strategies to negate harm must be adopted.  Local Radio Station - Paradise. California  Debbie Tavares talks to California Councillors about the plan to burn up Northern California. Documentary evidence is held by Debbie and forwarded emails. I have copies of a couple of the mails relating to Weather Satellites used as a weapon. Extract from The Guardian:

Nichols and a trainee officer went looking for flames. They drove past the homes of family and friends and arrived at a small gated lot where they found the fire. It seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. They hopped a fence and Nichols turned on a hose, but no water came out. By this time, firefighters were being inundated with calls from all over town and could not respond. The pair were left with no choice but to run from house to house, banging on doors to alert people, some still asleep, that it was time to go.

Nichols recognized what was happening. Extreme winds were lofting embers to areas far to the west of the main body of flames, igniting so-called spot fires.

These spot fires destroyed all hope for an orderly evacuation, said Nichols. “When you make fire evacuation plans you think in your mind the fire is going to come from the east or the west side.” But this one blew fires all over town. “Before you knew it, all your evacuation routes are on fire.”

Debbie refers to energy weapons based on intercepted emails handed over to her. Here is other supporting evidence held that points to a root cause of Defence Energy Weapons. This is similar to the findings in Gateshead? 

Mark Steele identified phased array devices that deliver a pulsed signal for use on top of a street light. Mark owns patents in this sector that protect those on the receiving end of this type of attack in the military field. The units deliver a harmful pulse/ square wave signal when monitored as described by Barrie Trower in 5G The Apocalypse, make sure you watch this film online. The technology was used for crowd control in Northern Ireland and Greenham Common demonstrations a number of years back. Barrie is also a defence weapons expert

These pulses are also delivered by SMART meters over 6V/ meter pulsed will damage human tissue, high water content first meaning women, children and the unborn. These are being installed in peoples homes and advertised on TV. I've told my pregnant daughter to get this removed asap from her home.  A Gateshead council worker handed one of the phased array antennae to Mark Steele as Mark asked to look at the components within the LED street light. The worker gave him some components and photo of a circuit board that were used as evidence at his trial. Similar looking devices i have photographed these are deployed around Manchester?!ApCwWYmI_p2DhsA7PDmrHSWKknpMUA Debbie Tavares refers to Kill Cities by Rothschild and Rockefeller in the Paradise video above. Here is this that video: Taking all these factors into account it could appear we have potentially a planned assault on the Manchester Community done in a very underhand manner labelled as 5G, SMART tech and Resilient Cities?  This we need to clarify with those responsible for its delivery. I have my thoughts but only you will know whose asking you to oversee, manage these parallel projects in the Programme.

Most people would not have a clue unless discussed and researched or as i felt drawn to query based on the Banking investigations leading to Government cover ups..

The UK as we know is attempting to leave the EU - BREXIT but being thwarted by a controlling element this has also been proven to be from The HMRC Treasury team. Nigel Farage outed Olly Robbins a career civil servant. Philip Hammond has also been preventing Banking investigations as you will have heard if you watched Anthony Stansfelds video.

May has been blocking the BREXIT move and negotiating the future defence strategy of the UK. Research PESCO. Also the steps and dates shes taken or Gavin Williamson (Sacked as he probably worked it out re Huawei capability) took in the last two years or so.

All Red Flag issues point back to the Rockefeller and Rothschild Corporate businesses whether Medical (Pharmaceuticals), Banking and now it would appear FCC and Resilient Cities (Rand Org - Rockefeller)

We can see Agenda 2130 activities well underway with many tower blocks going up, Cameras, "5G deployment", SMART Grid deployment. Non of this has been tested or discussed with Trafford or other councils as its being carried out by GMCA on their behalf? 

Not many councils will follow this up if they are told GMCA are responsible for delivery? Is it Andy Burnham or a third party we need to be speaking with as i feel whoever is responsible for making these decisions is fully aware of all the facts and events around similar circumstances UK and overseas is taken into account. Israel and Brussels also other cities and countries are abandoning 5G deployment, there is a reason for this.  Who wants an early painful cancer related death?

Anybody that is associated with this Government strategy locally needs to be brought up to speed of wider related issues. The potential impact could be devastating.Should it not be of benefit to those who are paying for it, the reasons for delivery need to be made clear as for one i don't see it or i'm seeing something very different to the narrative and i have experience of Government projects as an observer and having headed elements up in the past also in the Defence sector but MoD housing related. Based on experience, analysis and reading the Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars (SWQW ) text I believe we have another strategy in play.  The document was found in an IBM Copier in 1986 that was up for sale. Its a numbered document Operations Research Manual TM-SW7905.1 Phil I think we need to talk as what im looking at isnt just a technology deployment it is very different and not conducive to furthering humanities best interests. The whole Resilient city/ SMART 5G initiative is based on a false premise of global warming to supposedly address our carbon emissions. The Global Warming storyline is false. 

We have global cooling: not global warming but this doesn't fit the projects creators narrative or desired outcome.

Piers Corbyn, Jeremys brother explains: Reverend Phil Foster: Explains.

Climate Fools Day: There are eight parts to Climate Fools Day. 

Weather Action Report Climate Fools Day 5th November 2014 Parts 1-8. Must Watch.

The Climate Change Scam. Is About Raising Taxes? WHY?

Rothschilds and Rockefellers (Bilderberg Group) Control Government via the Treasury they are draining the UK economy.

Key MPs Ministers are bought or compromised therefore Do As Told Without Thinking. Mike Kane example.

The Corporates are skimming the funds and cash is flowing out of the UK economy. I have the data from the banking projects.

You will find root cause in HM Treasury if you ask the right questions. Others are investigating also.

We are in a solar minimum or mini ice age this started 2015 - 2035 but Govt wont tell you this. Why?

It doesn't fit the carbon/ global warming "spend all your money" narrative:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming: Further data:

In my time i've done business turnarounds, found problems in corporate's, corrected re engineered the processes and added technology where necessary.  As part of a larger team identified a national business held to ransom by an Irish Political organisation. 

Irish Rail were losing 100 Million Euros a year at one point it took six weeks to work out what was happening. They were being asset stripped from the inside out from the security guards to the Management team. Cant do too much there apart from tell the Board the facts of what their employees and management are up to and who we suspected with.

Looking at all factors and with 40 years experience in technology, banking and fraud, with my recent experiences starting with the North West Fraud, i think Manchesters GMCA need to rethink what is going on here as its not simply a 5G telecomm's deployment. Someone isnt telling you the full story or passing the joined up game plan across, for good reason i feel.

Manchester is promoting #cleanairgm. Dirty Air Is Making Us Sick. The Narrative with what is about to happen just doesn't add up as you are about to increase the air toxicity far beyond ever imaginable. So Whose thinking is this then? If you want to clear the air stop the chemtrails these nano particulates are designed to become part of our DNA so we glow at 868 MHz in the 3D mapping software operating from the phased array units. 

See Geo engineering watch and a pilot coming clean on what weather seeding does to the environment. To go back to 5G installations i recommend watching the following you tube clip.  If nothing else, a US small cell installer (5G) Ian Ferguson fights with his conscience on whether to continue with his career.

When people mention genocide this isnt mentioned glibly those behind this technology delivery know what they are doing, they have carried out similar genocide exercises before if you need more information, I have the research look to Eugenics and see whose behind it, its linked to the families behind banking, the corporate world and their greater agenda. Hopefully Ian Ferguson will see sense and quit, go do something else like speaking out more.

A further point to note is that Mark Steeles Barrister arranged a talk to MP,s in Portcullis House for 3.30 24th June. At the last minute someone in Westminster cancelled the event. The event was to be called 5G The Facts. 

Here is a previous delivery by Mark without slides:  i have more that you may review. Reading reviewing these materials, you can become fully informed of what is happening. Then find out Who is Responsible in GMCA and who is pulling the GMCA strings.

There should be a RACI every task in the programme against Who Is. Responsible, Accountable Consulted and Informed. Id like to see that document also.

Feel free to call me or get someone who understands the big picture and signed this off as to me it has Massive Risk, Massive Cost and Red Flags All Over It.  If you want to talk with Mark Steele i can arrange this too. He will also cover the LED street light standards that haven't been addressed correctly.Diffuser's required as a minimum tactical solution. The existing units will cause macular degeneration among other diseases to the masses.

Whoever is responsible in Manchester will need to be held to account.  I don't think its your team nor managers, I couldnt see it being Andy Burnham. It will be misinformation from a higher advisory group to GMCA, I suspect Rand?  This is what we need to establish.  Whose is really running the show? Thanks. Bruce

Bruce Lamb

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