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Trafford Net Zero Recruitment In Full Knowledge of IMPACT.

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Net Zero 66 Million to 15 Million UK population.

They know. They have the data but are controlled opposition.

A few tell tale signs and pointers to support Part 2. Genocide awareness and IMPACT.

Part 1 - What Do They Know. Letters Before Claim, is now complete and the outcome is that TRAFFORD staff cannot answer the questions and required me to see a GP. Links below. All good there then. Witnessed.

But what came out of that GP conversation identifies they are prepared to lie and pervert the course of justice to get the outcome the WEF, NWO, WHO, UN, UK Treasonous Govt require.

To show they were truly aligned with Net Zero policies of the Nazi WEF leader Klaus Schwab and co they decided to advertise the fact to all and sundry.

"Where is the evidence? It's in a computer model that they put the assumptions into. So they build a computer model that gives them the answer they want, and then tell you that they've got evidence that this is going to happen in the future."

Jabs N 5G.

If you place 5G transmitters all over greater Manchester, UK, any area where groups of men women and children live and work, what happens to the temperature?

What happens to them? Mankind.

If you chem trail the air what happens to the temperature?

If you've been jabbed and have nano bots that effectively have provided a mechanism of communication between you and the 5G tower.

Any component in a network or circuit dissipates heat or creates heat. FACT.

This is Silent Weapons Quiet Wars knowledge as demonstrated through electronics and energy principles..


Adrian Walker, 49 speaks to thousands of people outside BBC Broadcasting house London. Special thanks to (Oracle films) for providing the audio feed for the speaker (Adrian Walker) : Jan 21st 2023

Dr Magda Havas

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