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TRAFFORD ~ 14 days ~The Legally DEAD ~ GMP ~ Part 2 of 2

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

So bringing together the final pieces and timing of delivery. This wraps up the evidence and now sees Trafford Council reported as Terrorists to GMP. Knowingly. Part 1 of 2

They had options to discuss a solution but opted to tell a few lies? Killing the Creditor Silent Weapons Quiet Wars was flipped to Killing TMBC staff?

GMP now fully aware.

Part 2 - Trafford Borough Council - Release 1.0 Master
Download PDF • 2.59MB (1)
Download PDF • 15.44MB

Trafford wanted me to see the GP as they cant answer WDTK questions in relation to the 5G roll out and specifically the Sale Moor mast and the jab contents.

If they cant legally deal with you they would like to declare you mentally unstable.

As im a living man and out of their jurisdiction, they have a problem?

14.06.23-Part2-TMBC-ChiefConstables (1)
Download PDF • 1.60MB
15.06.22 GMP 1966 7808 Part 2 Confirmation
Download PDF • 1.87MB

Part 2. Pack ready to Go 14.06.23

Alexa: Agenda 21. Depopulation Agenda Confirmed

21.06.23 GMP CC TMBC Crime Number Required
Download PDF • 2.58MB

The GP visit became a witnessed event and it looks as though its backfired for TMBC as GMP have taken the evidence bundle for further investigation. Acts of Terrorism by Trafford MBC need investigating by GMP and MI5.

Handed over to two Police Constables at Northampton Rd 1966 Connelly and 7808 Barnwell. Thanks guys appreciated. witnessed by Reverend Bob.

The Legally DEAD CORPORATIONS and Living Men & Women Explained by Sukh & Keyte. June 15 Runnymede. 2023.

Legally DEAD if Not Declared Alive & Not Over The Seas. Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.

Covid Criminals - Courtenay Heading
Download PDF • 246KB

This is Asymmetrical Warfare.

The Law of War Manual was created specifically for what followed


1.1.1 Purpose. The purpose of this manual is to provide information on the law of war to DoD personnel responsible for implementing the law of war and executing military operations.1

This manual represents the legal views of the Department of Defense. This manual does not, however, preclude the Department from subsequently changing its interpretation of the law. Although the preparation of this manual has benefited from the participation of lawyers from the Department of State and the Department of Justice, this manual does not necessarily reflect the views of any other department or agency of the U.S. Government or the views of the U.S. Government as a whole.

This manual is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity against the United States, its departments, agencies, or other entities, its officers or employees, or any other person.

1.1.2 Scope. This manual is not a definitive explanation of all law of war issues. This manual focuses on jus in bello – law relating to the conduct of hostilities and the protection of war victims. This manual seeks to address the law of war that is applicable to the United States, including treaties to which the United States is a Party, and applicable customary international law. It provides legal rules, principles, and discussion, particularly with respect to DoD practice. Although the views of other States may be referenced in this manual, it is not a purpose of this manual to describe the views of other States, which may differ from views expressed in this manual.

1 Refer to § 1.3 (Definition of the Law of War).

Download PDF • 12.00MB

Conditioned WEF Morons ~ Indonesia

This is what you are up against WEF ~ UN ~ WHO

Psychopaths in Action. No Virus No Test No Contagion.

Apologetic Canadian Politician ~ Jimmy Dore

A top Canadian politician has taken the unprecedented step of admitting that the government was “wrong” about vaccines while issuing an apology to the un vaccinated.

Since the Covid pandemic first emerged in 2020, Canada has enforced some of the strictest, most tyrannical measures of any nation in the Western world.

Dr David Martin.

Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Robert Young

Dr Rashid Ali Buttar Predicts CNN Journalist Death ~ Hidden Camera 2021

RIP Dr Rashid Buttar ~ Final Clip ~ The Trigger. Sequential 5G Bursts. 3 x 1 Minute

Triggers Marburg. Roundup ~ WeedKiller in Vaccines ~5G @ 16~18GHz.

A Sleeper Cell In Your Body If Vaccinated.

Rashid Buttar Died of Suspected Poisoning after a meet with CNN for a further interview.

5 Million Harms Injuries Deaths MHRA Yellow Card System

David Icke : 1994 : :

Woking was put into special measures by ministers late last month amid rising concern in central government over the scale of its debt problems.

Most of the council’s spending had been financed by an obscure arm of the Treasury – the Public Works Loan Board – with £1.3bn worth of borrowing that Woking could now struggle to repay.

The process will be overseen by a team of expert commissioners after a review launched this year. It is believed the council’s troubles are so significant they could have an impact on the national government finances.

“The debt in Woking is staggering,” said Meg Hillier, the Labour chair of the Commons public accounts committee, adding that the government needed to have a “stronger oversight” of how councils were investing.

In 2020, the powerful cross-party committee said ministers were “blind” to “extreme risks” of investment by cash-strapped councils.

Many Councils have been steered toward investments in property infrastructure such as shopping malls, buildings etc. The debt trap controlled by the Banks and The City.

5G LEDs Jabs

Mark Steele Reports to MI5 The Intended Terrorist Attack on the UK 5G ~ Vaxx Combo.

GMP now have a further report received by Constables 1966 Connelly and 7808 Barnwell.

Barrie Trower Celldar

The Trades on FICTION BRUCE ROBERT LAMB 40 06 30 38 can no longer be accessed?

That Old Climate Emergency ~ Trafford Take Note.

Around 330 active or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who say they were harmed by COVID-19 vaccine mandates have filed a class-action lawsuit against high-ranking members of the Canadian military, asking for some $500 million in damages.

The CAF shirked its own purpose and rushed an untested product onto its members, mislabeled this experimental gene therapy a ‘vaccine,’ knowingly made false statements of safety and efficacy, and facilitated its mandate with no option to refuse except for mandatory permanent removal from service,” reads the statement of claim filed with the Federal Court on June 21.

Andrew Bridgen MP. We Live in Dangerous Times.

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