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5G - Mark Steele - John Kitson. Its Time To ACT!

Mark Steele speaks at the Royal Seven Stars. Totnes.

On 5G. Technology. Military. Economics. Legality

He Explains How it Presents an Existential Threat

To All of Us.

5G Is A Battlespace Technology.

Trees Being Removed

Birds Dying

We Must ACT

Inaction is a CRIME.

Warn & Tell Others.

Where Is The Safety Data?

Its Un Insurable!!

Everything Is Tested To A Safety Standard

Windows, Cars, Glass.

5G is NOT Tested At All.


MARK STEELES Business . REEVU Sports Motor Helmets.

Lets Talk Light. 560nm Frequency.

Green - Less Hazardous.

Green To Stop Eyes Being Fried.

Microwave Radiation Causes Problems With Your Eyes.

Its The WiFi In Your House.

Outside A Childs Bedroom

Should be Minimum of 7Meters From A Building.

60 Councillors Thought it Funny Looks Like A Dipole Lens

Under The Cover. Its A Long Range RADAR

This can SCAN Your Home.

This is From CHINA

SMART CITY SERVICES. Pollution, Parking, Light Control, SMART Waste Collection.

600,000 Stolen?

5G is Densification.

31,800 in Gateshead Alone

5G Is Densification of 2G, 3G,4G & 5G.

Back haul Data (Spying) - Spying On Ever Item in Your Home. Smart Meter. Alexa Anything That Is SMART. Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technology.


Lethal To Wild Life



Public Health England PHE.




Health & Social Care ACT.

Ionising and Non Ionising Radiation.

Diffusers removed in 2015?

Why Are Councils Rolling Out Nationwide?

200mV Max Long Term.

Gateshead reads 600mV.

5G 24 Hours Day 7 Days a Week.

Signal Systems On Battlefield.

Causes Brain Injury.

Tested At Bristol University.

In Breach of Nurembourg Code.

Phased Array.

5G Kill Grid. Weapons System.

Machine to Machine System.

I Can See Into Your Home.

I Can See Your Street.

Looking For say An AK47 Rifle.

This Will Scan and Identify.

This Is Illegal.

Back Haul Data - Spying Into Your Home.

This Solution Needs To Be Re Evaluated.

Test in South Korea

DEW Direct Energy Weapon

Tested On Pigs.

Kill Per Cost. How Many Can we Kill At What Cost?

You Are Paying For It.

DAMAGE OVER TIME. This is a few feet away.

Nurembourg Any Technology That Harms An Animal

in A Test Is Deemed An Attack on Humanity

38% Increase In Stroke In Young Women - Body Density.

Economic Terrorism.

No Financial Upside.

Cellular Damage Non Thermal Radiation.

Headmaster Fitting Defibrulators In Schools.


Neurological Disorders

300,000 Lose Jobs Mental Health Issues

5G is A Trojan Horse From Beijing - China

US Cant Protect Their Own Systems

This Can Be Used As An Attack Weapon On Your Road, Street, Avenue, Village, City, County.

This Technology Isnt Secure!!

Local Police Allowing Trees To Be Chopped Down

Trees Stop Toxic Build Up.

Trees Are Our Lungs

This Is The Start of The Take Down.

After The Financial Take Down.

Would You Buy A House Under A Pylon?

Cabbies in London Having To Upgrade To Electric Cabs.

Diesels Forced Off The Road.

Tarmac Is One Of The Dirtiest Substances Known To Man.

Autonimous Vehicles

Lithium Ion Exploded

Your Government Is Out Of Control

These Systems Are On Our Roads.

LiDAR Class 1 Laser. Impacts Your Eyes.

Causes Macular Degeneration.

Risky Tech

Toxic. What is The Toxicity On The Road?

1 Billion On Electric Car Battery Plant.

This is 5G In The US

Chipping of Animals

Dogs Are Getting Cancer & Dying.

The Chips Are Causing Cancer.


We Are The Many.

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