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Affidavit - Statement of Truth - We-The-People

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Work In Progress

Were in the final gate and stage of the NOTICE OF OBLIGATION. process with England & Wales Police Chief Constables on behalf of the UK Public.

Rob Ess having completed the Scottish Chief Constable serving.

Today Monday 14th Dec we posted out to all England & Wales Chief Constables , PSNI also IoM CC's.

The List of CC's Plus Sir Ian Burnett. Lord Chief Justice.

Mailing to Be Completed By 3pm 14.12.20

Along the way initiatives that we have brought together as economic integrity solutions such as Beep and Common Law Courts also attracted the attention of what will now become Community Assemblies which are beginning to form UK wide.

The Final stage of Lock Step and Silent Weapons Quiet Wars is to crash the money supply after controlling the people.

Name Postcode Tracking Number

Dave Thompson B70 0HN NL 3452 4705 5GB

Michael Jelley CV35 7QA NL 3452 4707 8GB

John Campbell OX5 2NX NL 3452 4704 7GB

Joe Shiner BN7 2DZ NL 3452 4703 3GB

Gavin Stephens GU3 7HG NL 3452 4702 0GB

Simon Byrne BT6 5LE NL 3452 4699 6GB

Gary Roberts IM2 4RG NL 3452 4700 2GB

Kier Pritchard SN10 2ON NL 3452 4701 6GB

John Robins WF1 3QP NL 3452 4706 4GB

Jeremy Vaughan CF38 3SU NL 3452 4712 1GB

Steve Watson S35 9WL NL 3452 4711 8GB

Gareth Morgan ST18 0YY NL 3452 4710 4GB

Craig Guildford NG5 8PP NL 3452 4709 GB

Anthony Bangham WR3 8SP NL 345247081GB

Nick Adderley NN4 0JQ NL 3452 4719 7GB

Lisa Winward DL6 7BF NL 3452 4716 6GB

Carl Foulkes LL29 8AW NL 3452 4717 0GB

Simon Bailey NR18 0WW NL 3452 4718 3GB

Andy Adams CM7 4AZ NL 3452 4715 2GB

Winton Keenan NE20 0BL NL 345247149GB

Steve Jupp ip5 3qs NL 3452 4713 5GB

Pam Kelly NP44 2XJ NL 3452 4729 9GB

Charley Hall AL8 6XF NL3452 4726 8GB

Richard Lewis TS8 9EH NL 3452 4725 4GB

Simon Chesterman OX14 3DB NL3452 4720 6GB

James Vaughan DT2 8DZ NL 3452 4721 0GB

Shaun Sawyer EX2 7HQ NL 3452 4722 3GB

Rachel Shann DE5 3RS NL 3452 4723 7GB

Michelle Skeer CA10 2AU NL 3452 4724 5GB

Andy Cooke L1 NL 3452 4747 5GB

Chris Haward LN5 7PH NL 3452 4746 1GB

Simon Cole LE19 2BX NL 3452 4745 8GB

Andrew Rhodes PR4 5SB NL 3452 4744 4GB

Alan Pughsey ME15 9BZ NL 3452 4743 5GB

Lee Freeman HU5 5SF NL 3452 4742 7GB

Ian Hopkins M40 5BP NL 3452 4741 3GB

Rod Hansen GL51 6QH NL 3452 4738 7GB

Julian Harrington CM2 6DA NL 3452 4739 5GB

Andy Marsh BS20 8QJ NL 3452 4740 0GB

Ian Burnett WCA 2LL NL 3452 4737 3GB

Gary Forsyth MK43 9AX NL 3452 4736 0GB

Paul Crowther NW1 9LN NL 3452 4735 6GB

Nick Dean PE29 6NP NL 3452 4734 2GB

Darren Marthand CW7 2UA NL 3452 4733 9GB

Ian Dyson EC2M 4WN NL 3452 4730 8GB

Cressida Dick SW1A 2JL NL 3452 4731 1GB

Olivia Pinkney SO22 5DB NL 3452 4732 5GB

Mark Collins SA31 2PF NL 3452 4727 1GB

Jo Farrell DH1 5tt NL 3452 4728 GB

The final stage preparation and delivery was complete by 3pm 14.12.20 with a deadline date of 7 days for a response.

To date we have a good indication of what that will be from the linked posts below. Much of the same as it would appear there is.....

Sir Ian Burnett - Lord Chief Justice - Copied

Final stages of the NOTICE of OBLIGATION - Affidavit - Statement of Truth

Ian Hopkins Copy Primary Contact for Police Chief Constables England & Wales.


courtenay can be contacted via:

Doctor Thomas Cowan


Email to Chief Constables 15.12.20 @ 10:22 am

Received 17/12/20

Unfortunately we will not be communicating further via email as the situation and requirements on Police Chief Constables has been made clear. If Gloucester is a typical example of what we are paying for through Councils then they both have sealed their own fate. Gloucester force had the decency to respond even though they still don't get it? Thanks Gary for the email.

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