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Affidavit v0.8 : US Doctor Tells Us What Is Really Going On.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

A message from the Frontline USA.

Use 30465 as the Invitation Code.

Removed By Truth Police As Too Incriminating for the establishment. Watch on

Dr Rashid Buttar. Part 5 Is The Most Crucial Component.

US Doctor Tells Us About The Hype and Actually Whats Happening In The Hospitals. Its NOT What Govt is Stating.

We Are Operating Under An Incorrect Paradigm

German Footage Banned on YouTube:

People that are dying in Hospitals are having their Death Certificates Changed to Having Died from Covid 19.

There are NO Payouts for Pandemics. Its A Banking Insurance SCAM!! To Catch Out The Baby Boomers.

Pensions Wont Be Paid, Insurance Policies Wont Be Paid.

This is happening Globally!!

The Bank Of International Settlements - Treasuries & Central Banks - Will Get Paid As We Are In " Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" 2.6.1953 to Date.

Affidavit v0.8 Explains

An Act of War - Elites v The People..

UK Govt Fake News:

Discover the link between the CV Pandemic Hoax and the Biggest Robbery of All Time!!

Dont Take The Vaccine, 5G is the Trigger. 60GHz Sucks Oxygen from the air.

Taken Down On Facebook Livestream: YouTube Version re instated

Use 30465 as the Invitation Code.

Call To Action. 1984 Criminal Evidence Act:

The WHO Lied and Created a Global Panic: Second Extensive Study Finds Coronavirus Mortality Rate Is 0.4% Not 3.4% — Similar to Seasonal Flu

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