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Alignment - Finding Peace Within in Troubled Times

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

My personal journey to this point has seen highs and lows. Over time i found tools and best practice by those who had experienced similar events and here i've linked a taster to start those on this stage of their journey. I hope this helps.

With thanks to friends at the Hope Centre Sale.. Manchester

We are far more than we are lead to believe..


I Give Thanks To The Light

A Blue Light Goes From the Top of My Head

Down Throughout My Body

Down My Head Neck & Spine

Down My Arms, Legs & Deep Into The Earth.

Taking Away All The Negative Thoughts, Feelings & Energy

Away To The Earth.

A Green Light Goes From The Crown

Down My Head, Neck, Spine

Shoulder to Shoulder

Down My Arms Hands & Fingers

Down My Legs & Deep Into The Earth.

A Crystal Blue Light Surrounds Me

Seals & Protects Me.

I Thank The Light.

Repeat - 30-40 times

I'm Aligned Confident & Strong

I'm Aligned Confident & Strong

I'm Aligned Confident & Strong

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