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Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen - A Perfect Storm

I like listening to this guy. Simple logic and a down to earth perspective. See What You Think..

Video 1: Bjorn discusses Buying, Friendships and Influences.. The list of those having friendships bought is an interesting read.. Watch the credits. Preview above.

The distance between the ruling classes and the people are getting greater. Who placed who where?

The full wall of shame as he terms it is listed at the end. They were flown on private jets to the US for a talk and concert provided by Sting.. Interesting fee. $1 Million for a two hour entertainment session. Nice business when you can get it but the ethics seem totally finance driven.

Video 2: COVID 19, Pandemics, Mandatory Vaccines, Tracking Apps..

Changes from a piece entitled, notes to self.

Take power away from Government and give it back to the people.

We were meant to be free, not controlled or tracked.

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