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Dr Sarah Starkey - PHIRE - Official Advice on Radio Frequency Radiation.

Early Years Enquiry:

From Comments You Tube:

Let us take a walk down memory lane from my blog where I discussed how proteins change their shape under the power of electric and magnetic fields tied to nnEMF. I said this 10-15 years ago in hundreds of blogs.......Let us put it all together why kids are getting brain cancer at epic rates. THE NEW MECHANISM FOUND FOR CANCER GENERATION WAS PUBLISHED IN SEPTEMBER 2018 IT IS NOW BRUTALLY OBVIOUS THAT BOTH RF AND MW radiation cause biologic effects. It was found in September of 2018 that low-intensity RF radiations that were pulsed ACTUALLY CREATES ROS SIGNALS IN HUMANS CELLS. CREATION OF ROS leads to oxidation of lipids and it causes cells to DECREASE THE AMOUNT OF OXYGEN BEING DELIVERED TO MITOCHONDRIA. When this occurs it stimulates glucose metabolism and AMPk pathways.

It also means MORE ELF-UV light is released from these CELLS to CAUSE increased MITOSIS which leads to the ONCOGENESIS. Might this be why the NTP study shows that animals exposed to RF radiation have increased CANCER RISKS? WHAT DOES THIS IMPLY FOR US HUMANS? JACK KRUSE BELIEVES THIS IS THE BIGGEST DATA POINT FOUND ABOUT RF radiations in RECENT HUMAN PUBLISHED HISTORY. Why did Uncle Jack say it? Water and lipids in cells have very interesting dielectric functions.

It turns out the dielectric effects in proteins under the power of EMFs from the sun is exactly why DNA only codes for specific proteins hand selected for how they react in the electric and magnetic fields of the Earth and Sun. The sun and planet's EMFs are called native EMFs. Cells absorb these frequencies and polarize that light internally for their use with proteins those native EMFs work best with electrically and magnetically. So how does this all work to build life using light and abiotic atoms? It turns out the atomic arrangement of the atoms and how they polarize light and light has to have specific pulses and polarization to carry a lot of information. Information is the key to organizing the chaos in your environment to act coherently to build a life.

Dielectric is used in a capacitor for insulating two metal of conductive plates of the capacitor. In a dielectric material if you apply a voltage across it then no current will flow through it but the dielectric material will get polarized at the two sides of the material positive and negative charge will present. The easiest way to look at dipole relaxation phenomena is to consider what happens if the driving force - the electrical field in the case of life (daylight) - is suddenly switched off (night time), after it has been constant for a sufficiently long time so that an equilibrium distribution of dipoles could be obtained. When this occurs with REGULARITY, we expect then that the dipoles will randomize, i.e. their dipole moment or their polarization will go to zero.

However, that cannot happen instantaneously. A specific dipole (water) will have a certain orientation at the time the field will be switched off (night time), and it will change that orientation only by some interaction with other dipoles (or, in a solid or liquid crystal, with phonons), in other words upon collisions or other "violent" encounters. It will take a characteristic time for this to occur, roughly the time between collisions, before the dipole moment will have disappeared.

These collisions all act stochastically. There is no way to count and track them all the system has a base of uncertainty. (Heisenberg) Since we are discussing statistical events in this case, the individual characteristic time for a given dipole will be small for some, and large for others. But there will be an average value which we will call the relaxation time τ of the system. We thus expect a smooth change over from the polarization the with field to zero within the relaxation time τ. Electric potential and reactivity of life are built into the atomic structure of proteins. That is why DNA only codes for them. PROTEINS ARE THE ELECTRICAL AND MAGNETIC STAGE LIFE OPERATES ON. IT IS THE HARDWARE. Sunlight is the software that runs it. Water allows both of them to communicate the information to and fro.

Water has a normal magnetic dipole moment of 1.85 Debye. Polypeptide protein chains in cells in the α-helical configuration normally have enormous dipole moments. These alpha helices have upwards of 500 Debye because the individual moments of the peptide bonds are all aligned properly. This is why DNA has the helical structure it has.

Proteins are fractals antennas of DNA geometry. Beta-sheet amyloids do not have a large dipole moment because they are smaller in size and shape and their bonds are not aligned properly. This improper bond alignment is what changes the protein length, shape, and mass topologically when sunlight electric and magnetic fields interact with them. This changes the tertiary and quaternary structure to do different things in different environments.

To make large collections of proteins coherent and form a living thing you need to link them together electrically and magnetically in some way. How did life organize the chaos of matter on Earth using sunlight? This idea implies that cells have GAINED some "electric and magnetic tuning ability" built into their protein structure. Cells that have bonds that do not align properly cannot be electrically or magnetically linked or made coherent. Remember, DNA only codes for proteins. Protein structure is the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in a molecule. Proteins are polymers of specific polypeptides formed by the sequences of amino acids that the linear DNA code provides.

This arrangement is built into the DNA code directly. The environment does not toy with this unless electromagnetic waves can alter that code in some way. The code of DNA, however, has many other electronic codes contained within it. Watson and Crick did not understand this in 1953 and many in biology still are stuck on their old ideas. This is why man is getting sicker as he adopts 1G-5G.

These waves are different software that changes the hardware in ways that do not work well on Earth. This is really what disease is. Modern epigenetics and transposons have shown us that Watson and Crick’s ideas about DNA are quite outdated and make no sense. This implies that light hits water made in mitochondria, and that water has free radicals in it that the mitochondrial makes from EMFs to change the DNA code and proteins that it codes for. This means light controls what and how proteins are made in the RER and Golgi apparatus. This idea really holds the clues about how a “quantum evolution” is built around the photonics of EMFs in cells.

This is the reason why DNA only codes for “suitable media” we call proteins. Those proteins that makeup with tissues only work with the specific frequencies of sunlight that fall to Earth (260-700nm). The key to this puzzle is realizing and understand that with bright light, ordinary optics gains the ability to act and become a non-linear fiber optic communication device for cells.

This implies that in the right spectral density, at the right time, everything can become extraordinary using light. This is where life and cancer come from. Well comes from the high fidelity of the solar signal and cancer emerges when the electric and magnetic fields in EMF have a chaotic pulse rate or polarization which changes the software and this alters the hardware. This is how life works to the Black Swan Mitochondriac....Stay away from nnEMF.

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