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House of Commons Debate 5G & Wireless Radiation

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Learn more about research on 5G, 4G and wireless at

The Government appears to not be addressing or recognising the health impact and when the day comes that the real issues are fully understood the government will have to pay those impacted by the negative debilitating effects of EMF radiation.

The regulators that are corporate sponsored are covering up the truth.

This Westminster debates intention is to break through the brick wall of silence within Government. The brick wall that has been engineered by Theresa May and those who are furthering the One World Government.

The engineered silence that the Government is promoting is guided by the Corporate operators of Rothschild and Rockefeller. They don't want the full story to appear as it

effectively punches a hole in the whole false narrative around resilient cities, global warming and the need for technology solutions delivering the IoT and Agenda 2130 milestones

Their blueprint is Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars a document found within a photocopier sold at a second hand sale in the US.

The documents supporting supposed safety are identified within that debate hve found to be out of date. AGNIR. The most recent research work being undertaken by Dr Sarah Starkey.

Dr Sarah Starkeys research shows the cover up to date to hide the truth is influenced by those corporate's aided by government members who are bought.

The denial of a problem and looking to profit from implementation of a known carcenogenic technology is a criminal offence.

This is similar to the issues with cancer research and the solution being taken from the market by the MHRA and Pharmaceutical agencies.

The name 5G is deceptive and a massive experiment which falls under the Nuremburg code as GMCA and Trafford staff have been made aware recently.

Sensitivity to electromagnetic waves exists and before products are released onto the market must meet specific criteria.

eMail Trail between parties:

Points from the Westminster Debate:

Threats are being made by commercial entities on the government should they slow down the deployment?

So Whose Making The Threats to whom as they will be connected by those driving this technology forward.

Speed of Introduction is a concern.

Look Very Carefully. Take time, the precautionary principle should be applied.

No planning permission is being applied for as its under delegated responsibility.

Use of existing infrastructure should be debated and questioned as the use of technology on an existing lamp post?

Trees being destroyed in order to further technology doesn't add up when looking at Carbon footprints and understanding the basic function of trees clearing the air.

Being at the forefront of technology shouldn't be at the expense of health and welfare.

Around minute 37 the Conservative Minister Seema Kennedy is not sure of the facts. Possibly because its televised and what shes been told to say she cant be sure of?

Public Health England.

Recent evidence on PHE statements goes against the wider concensus

Dr Sarah Starkey,

Levels and emissions are low? Especially when looking at 5G

Get to Media City and Glastonbury.

Easily said now prove it!!

Accurate information and honesty are not being implemented by Govt as it doesnt meet the basic standards of safety.

Govt not cutting down trees? Yes they are!! Sheffield & Gateshead. Whose Kidding Who?

Frequency ranges and intensity obviously not understood by Seema Kennedy on behalf of the Governmentt?

What is being delivered and what is being discussed are two different things.

If you were to ask an MP what is 5G exactly?

They would not be able to tell you as the narrative and product delivery don,t add up!!.

Steps To Genocide

STAGE1 Kill The Trees As The 5G Antennae wont work on tree lined Roads.

Kirkleees Council - Huddersfield.

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