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JEROME CORSI - TRUMP - QAnon - Possibly? Traitors US-UK-5G Sterilisation - Programme.

A few pieces of intel linked giving the outcome we hope will take place - possibly ?

Possibly Sooner than we think? Lets see what September 2022 brings.

There are a few potential outcomes with Trump and looking at previous information he could still be hidden hand - he may have changed for the better? He may be deemed MAGA the Satanic false Messiah of the Masonic - Zionists?

We are meant to follow each of these threads through to the end stage phases.

Through to there own conclusion?

It is our Spiritual Path - Our Journey - Our Experience

2022 close will become very interesting.

Jerome Corsi

10 Days Of Disclosure - Media Expose' or lose Your Licences USA. UK? Sunday?

The Cabal Is Done - No Longer Falling For The Scamdemic.

US - UKRAINE - Totally Exposed. UK Government Totally Exposed..

UN Exposed.

Let's be clear about what was just said here because it is extremely important.


The UN just accepted that Russian forces stopped a Ukrainian assault on the IAEA team sent to inspect the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant.


Zelenskyy, and the US by proxy, attempted to attack a group of 14 international nuclear inspectors, in an effort to sidetrack an investigation into their attempts to create a nuclear holocaust across Europe.

Every country in the world needs to think very carefully about where they stand here.



Director of Public Health Initiative - 5G Sterilisation Programme. UK - 666 Factor.

Glasgow UK - Radiation Pattern

Download PDF • 1.90MB

Tying it all together:

We The People Project Commenced July 2020 - Work In Progress..

5G Radiation Levels - Gateshead - Sterilisation of UK Population.

Its A Weapons Programme UK Wide - Directors for Public Health

5 Bridges Hotel Gateshead: 4G - 5G Antennae site.

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