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JEROME CORSI - TRUMP - QAnon - Possibly? Traitors US-UK-5G Sterilisation - Programme.

A few pieces of intel linked giving the outcome we hope will take place - possibly ?

Possibly Sooner than we think? Lets see what September 2022 brings.

There are a few potential outcomes with Trump and looking at previous information he could still be hidden hand - he may have changed for the better? He may be deemed MAGA the Satanic false Messiah of the Masonic - Zionists?

We are meant to follow each of these threads through to the end stage phases.

Through to there own conclusion?

2022 close will become very interesting.

Jerome Corsi

10 Days Of Disclosure - Media Expose' or lose Your Licences USA. UK? Sunday?

The Cabal Is Done - No Longer Falling For The Scamdemic.

US - UKRAINE - Totally Exposed. UK Government Totally Exposed..

UN Exposed.

Let's be clear about what was just said here because it is extremely important.


The UN just accepted that Russian forces stopped a Ukrainian assault on the IAEA team sent to inspect the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant.


Zelenskyy, and the US by proxy, attempted to attack a group of 14 international nuclear inspectors, in an effort to sidetrack an investigation into their attempts to create a nuclear holocaust across Europe.

Every country in the world needs to think very carefully about where they stand here.



Director of Public Health Initiative - 5G Sterilisation Programme. UK - 666 Factor.

Glasgow UK - Radiation Pattern

Download PDF • 1.90MB

5G Radiation Levels - Gateshead - Sterilisation of UK Population.

Its A Weapons Programme UK Wide - Directors for Public Health

5 Bridges Hotel Gateshead: 4G - 5G Antennae site.

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