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London Real - Dr Rashid Buttar - 100 + Voices

0:00 | Introduction

1:00 | Brian Rose introduction to the roundtable

3:29 | Brian Rose asks Dr. Buttar about inconsistencies in COVID-19 death rates and if masks are useful

4:00 | Dr. Buttar speculates that there was prior knowledge of this pandemic before this year

5:01 | Dr. Buttar talks about the help impacts of wearing a mask and the implications of 5G

8:14 | The panel of doctors agree with the prediction of the 2nd wave of COVID-19 and mandated vaccine

9:23 | Dr. Buttar talks about the nefarious agenda of the face mask

18:21 | Dr. Buttar talks about the rising rates of autism

19:14 | Retrovirus RNA vaccinations and Bill Gates

21:20 | Dr. Buttar talks about the highly toxic substances found in vaccines

27:19 | Dr. Buttar asks the panel if any doctors support a COVID 19 vaccination in the next 12 months

33:46 | Dr. Buttar discusses what happens if you sue a vaccine company because of injuries caused by vaccines

36:50 | 95% of the panel believe there is blatant censorship of medical reporting because of the pro vaccine agenda

37:33 | Dr. Buttar talks about efficacy of COVID-19 testing and reporting

46:51 | The panel is asked if the data isn’t being reported correctly

48:13 | A doctor on the panel holds up a sign that says “The Nuremberg Code. Mandatory Vaccine = Crime”

48:40 | Dr. Buttar talks about the health implications of 5G technology

59:32 | Brian Rose asks what their thoughts surrounding Dr. Fauci and the lab in Wuhan China

1:03:58 | Dr. Buttar asks the panel if they believe that COVID-19 is man made

1:08:41 | The panel confirms that many cases that were confirmed deaths due to COVID-19 were actually because of other causes

1:21:41 | Brian Rose asks if social distancing is necessary

1:26:25 | Brian Rose asks about the use of hydroxychloroquine

1:37:46 | Brian Rose asks the panel if this was a pandemic

1:45:00 | Dr. Buttar and Brian Rose talk about social shaming and fear mongering

1:58:53 | Brian Rose sums up

We Are Talking About A Mass Extinction Event: Buttar

Linked Articles and reference points to build a picture of what is taking place.

Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning.

It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, i nstead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone's daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable "noise," causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for.

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.

When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up.

Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and thei r physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

Uncensored Private Platform For Truth. 150 + Doctors Round Table.

Corona Virus plus SARS plus other pathogens used to create the Covid 19 for assessment of pandemic potential? Man made - Patented. US Patent 7220852

US and EU Patents linked to Pirbright Institute - Woking

Research - Pirbright - QinetiQ:

Rockefeller Organisation

Rockefeller Foundation - extracts.

In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain—originating from wild geese—was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults. The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.

UK Govt.. Covid 19 - Not a High Consequence Infectious Disease.

Buttar - Brian Rose - London Real discuss

Delivered to Wuhan labs with a Grant for $3.7 Million - Fauci. CDC.

Predicted state of Covid 19. How Could have they known?

Rockefeller Docs. Gates. WHO.

Links and £/$ flow - Gates - Fauci - WHO

Immune Systems Compromised - Isolation impact.

Covid 19 - Phase 2 predicted? Think 5G symptoms and Field Hospitals.

Govt Agenda is Mandated Vaccines. Why? Control and Follow The Money.

UK Govt and Rothschilds are profitting from the exercise is many ways. Sovereign Wealth funds on Death and fiddling stats to reflect payments per hospital also back door removal of funds from NHS Quangos. MP/ PM's involved past and present.

Face masks - Mandatory. Phase 2 - Govt requirement? NWO dictat.

Face masks - Suppresses immune system.

Face masks - Idiotic View. The viral particles will get through a mask. Analogy. Chain link fence to keep out a fly. Doesn't make sense.

Altitude Injury Symptoms - Face Masks - Suppresses Immune systems.

More Harm Than Good.

5G Issues Need To Be Considered. 5G is an Immune Suppressing technology.

Wearing a Face Mask is Not Necessary and In Fact is Making Things Worse.

WHO - Starting a Marketing Campaign on Vaccine Promotion. Confidence Waning.

Vaccine - Autism Ratio - Increasing.


RNA - rewrites your DNA - Moderna - Bankrupt Saved by Bill Gates - Never Tested.

Straight To Human Testing. 2nd and 3rd Generation wouldn't be able to have children.

CDC US - Fauci has links with Medical businesses - Patents etc.

Common Law Courts Vaccines

Affidavits of HPV Vaccine Harms: Common Law Court, Manchester - Sunday 1 st Sept 2019

Professor Christopher Exley PhD FRSB, received 27th August 2019: ‘The HPV vaccine has never been safety tested in humans and its only proven efficacy is in harming recipients.

Until proper safety tests have been completed there should be a world-wide moratorium on its use’. (Universally referred to as: ‘Mr Aluminium’, due to his extensive research into all aspects of aluminium for over 35 years).

Amanda Dew, Mother of Brodie, received 28th August 2019,: Since the HPV vaccine, Brodie, a sporty, academic teenager has had over 70 seizures: constant fatigue, headaches, memory problems, skyhigh auto-antibodies. Normal Life is a challenge. She is one of many. We are told it’s just a coincidence, yet not one test is done to rule out the vaccine.

Dr Gayle Delong, received 25th August 2019: The HPV vaccine is associated with lowered birth rates. In a statistical analysis of U.S. women aged 25 to 29, I found that approximately 60% of women who did not receive the HPV vaccine had been pregnant at least once, whereas only 35% of women who were exposed to the vaccine had conceived. (DeLong, “A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25 to 29 who received a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine injection”, Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2018). Some of the vaccine’s ingredients - including aluminum and polysorbate 80 - have been linked to infertility.

Kathleen Berrett, received on 22nd August 2019: To whom it may concern - Colton Berretts happy healthy life was catastrophically destroyed neurologically due to Gardasil at 13 years old. He became paralyzed from the neck down and ventilator dependent through a tracheostomy. He diligently fought to recover for 3.5 years spending countless hours at therapy and doctor appointments. As a senior in high school just 2 months prior to turning 18, he chose to remove himself from the need of his ventilator (ball and chain) and 100% daily constant care. We mourned the loss of our sons physical health while he was alive and now we will grieve for the rest of our lives due to the Gardasil vaccine. Thanks for sharing our tragic story and helping to inform others.

We need to get this vaccine that has been fraudulently made and put on the market for no other reason than greed and money. They know it's killing and maiming our innocent children yet in the USA Merck has no liability for their product. Mary Holland received by email on 23rd August 2019: I co-authored the 2018 book The HPV Vaccine on Trial. HPV vaccine clinical trials were fatally flawed, and the vaccine’s pervasive harms are directly linked to those flaws.

The vaccine is on trial for fraud and reckless endangerment around the world. Mary Holland, Vice-Chair, Children’s Health Defense, USA Tony Wild, former MLC (Member of the Legislation Council), Isle of Man Government. Received 14th Dec 2018, in an email to David Ashford, Health Minister: ‘If Courtenay is correct then there is a major scandal to unfold.

So David please tell Courtenay to shut up or commence legal proceedings against’. Professor Christopher Exley PhD FRSB, received 28th August 2019: While we have had the opportunity to test and publish data on the aluminium adjuvants, AlHyhrogel and AdjuPhos, Merck has consistently refused to send us their proprietary adjuvant, aluminium hydroxyphosphatesulphate (sometimes abbreviated to AAHS) for similar testing.

What is it that Merck wishes to hide?

Full Document set.. Common Law Court

Is Covid 19 Vaccine Needed Given We Have Hydroxychloroquine.

100% Doctors Against Covid 19. Show of hands.

Mainstream Media is preventing this information getting out..

A fair voice is being Prevented from getting out. Censorship.

Covid 19 - Abnormalities in Children Expected.

The Agenda is Nefarious. Not Anti Vaccine - Anti Stupidity.

Bailout for Vaccine Industry as there were so many Claims for Harm against children.

US safety standards on vaccines. No Liability. Garbage created The People Pay.

90% Died from Other Causes - Not Covid 19

Doctors had either been asked to change death certificates or knew figures were being changed to suit the narrative.

Covid 19 Symptoms - Microwave Radiation Symptoms.

Asthma Attacks



Inflamed Sinuses

Chest Pain - Pressure

Heart Arrhythmia

Heart Palpitations

Vaccines To Date -

Contain harmful components delivering a false positive Covid 19 test.

100% will test positive

Covid 19 Deaths - Are They Factual.

No Hands Shown.

Death Certificates Altered - To Show Covid 19

Buttar asked to change to Covid 19. Others also.

Others on misreporting the numbers or anyone experienced this level of misinformation before - None.

5G - Compromising The Immune System.

Nuremburg Code.

Does any Dr think 5G causes Covid 19 - None

Does 5G Act As An Immune Suppressent Technology - Yes

Milli-meter Wave - mm wave 1971 document. US Naval doc linking Cardiac Cancers and Neurological.

1.8 GHz is when the cancers start to grow. Not Beneficial to the Human System.

30 GHz - 5G Has Serious Serious Health implications.

OFCOM wont allow you to talk about 5G and Covid19? Why.

165 Doctors State We Should Go Back To Work. Not The Govt Agenda: Take The Untested Vaccine. Why?

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars: Controlled Reduced Population Agenda. 5G, Vaccines with Nano Particulates.

Download clips from London Real Website..

A number of clips from this groundbreaking panel discussion are now available to download, share and repost.

Spread the word and defend our human rights: grab these clips today!

1. The Panel Want To Address The Agenda Behind Covid-19 2. Should We Use Face Masks 3. Should We Get To Vaccine In The Next 12 Months 4. Panels’ Thoughts On Censorship Toward The Vaccine And Mainstream Media 5. Panels’ Thought On How We Are Testing And Diagnosing Covid-19 6. Panels’ Thoughts On 5G 7. Why Is Ofcom Censoring World Like Coronavirus 8. Panels’ Thoughts On Anthony Fauci And Public Policy 9. Panels’ Thoughts On The Origin Of The Virus 10. Does The Panel Believe That People Did Not Die Of Covid-19 But Of Other Causes 12. Panels’ Thoughts On Social Distancing 13. Panels’ Thoughts On Hydroxychloroquine 14. Panels’ Thoughts On Facing Ridicule From Mainstream Media 15. Panels’ Thoughts On If This Was All Just A Mastermind Plot 16. First Doctor Panel Was A Success 17. Panel Meditation

Further Resources

IMPACT - Case Study - Isle of Man

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