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Mainstream Media Covid 19/ Corona Lie Exposed - Madrid Style. Go Doc.. Go Go Go!!

The First Thing We Need To Do Is Vaccinate Against Fear!!

Spanish Doctor Tells it As it Is!!

The First Thing We Need To Do Is Vaccinate Against Fear!!

The interviewer discusses vaccinations - Doctor states NOT Necessary!!

Presenter discusses increased infection figures and Hospital Capacity Increase?

Doctor denies the Media Narrative and claims it is FALSE!!

Presenter Confirms The FALSE Statistics?

Doctor Confirms Increased Testing Positive Outcomes Do NOT Confirm Covid-19 cases

as False Data.. Same as UK Dr Adil and UK, US Whistle Blowers..

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil - Key Points.

1. Misuse of The Covid 19 Test. Wrong Application.

2. 170,000 die every year in the UK. ONS Statistics.

3. Covid 19 test introduced 1993 - NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED FOR MICRO ORGANISMS

4. 80-90% Test Positive For Covid 19 - 99% of these people HAVE NO SYMPTOMS?

5. Track & Trace is therefore USELESS!!

6. Track and Trace Covid 19 gives a false positive result.

7. Millions of Corona Viruses exist in our body - Its NOT an Issue. We build Resilience - Immunity. Its NOT a Killing Disease.

8. Government Propaganda has to be stopped... Misleading Figures for Deaths.

9. People recorded dying from Covid 19 according to Govt in reality are dying from other causes.

10. More are dying From Cancer.. Our Govt KNOW THIS THEY ARE THE CAUSE

NOTE: This is enough evidence to convince people that wearing masks is NOT protective for transmission of viruses from one person to another..

Not Receiving Care is more PROFITABLE

in primary Treatment Centre's

Dr to The Reporter or Anchor TV Anchor Man

on Rigging The Stats

Did You Sign Any Death Certificates?

Presenter Anchor: Doctor - Stop Ruining

My Attempt at a Rigged Interview..

Tell Us What The Situation Is Really Like?

There is NO Pandemic in Spain - Confirmed. UK Andrew Mather

Stats Fiddling Confirmed - As in the UK?

The Wuhan Shuffle?

Who Has The Experience of What is Really Going On..

The Doctor or The Mis-Informed Controlled

Spanish Media - Same As The BBC, ITV, SKY etc..

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