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Mark Steele - John Kitson - 5G Kill Grid. Ian Crane

Mark Steele 11th May. Next court date:

Thursday 16th May. 10am Moot Hall Court.


Significant death cases in Gateshead since 5G implemented.

Gateshead Council Panicking. They say no 5G in Gateshead?

Gateshead Council set up their own Funeral service.

Fascists in Council, alternative media coverage required.

This is a test bed for UK democracy. 5G is a weapons system.

Understand the content of the IRON MOUNTAIN report.

This is IRON MOUNTAIN in action in the UK.

Cases paralleled to IRON MOUNTAINS dictat already occurring in the UK.

Len Lawrence plus thousands of others.

Property Action Group covers this.

Moot Hall. Case finder

The Moot Hall CastleGarth Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 1RQ

5G. Lessons Learned From Fracking

Source Materials.

Technocracy Inc.

Between Two Ages.

Control Grid Run By Corporates.

Who want to maximise profit for the few.

Parliament Protects Commerce.

Injunction Prevents Opposition.

Humanity is being treated with contempt. There will be 1 Million masts across the UK.

AMEY partner with Telephonica in the UK. AMEY are Clearing the trees in Sheffield.

People are dying 20's onward not 60-70-80. Cause?

When 5G hits this will be Nationwide. Cities to Countryside.

Traditions of Democracy are being run over rough shod.

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