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Munchkins - Tussauds - SWQW - Oz - Pope - Next QFS - KA - Diana?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

All Change - Wizard of Oz - Munchkins - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars - Pope Recalls Their (Your) Funds By 30.09.22 (Ill Gotten Gains) QFS - Quantum Financial System.

Were approaching the 9/11 anniversary?

Things are getting very interesting..

The Kevin Annett: Farewell to the Crown: A Postmortem on Elizabeth Windsor

Survivor Jeanette Archer Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children: Police Rape - Royal Rape - Satanic Rituals - Liz Was The Head Of The FreeMasons

This is Why Nothing Gets Beyond Chief Constable - We The People - 2020

What Happened In Windsor No Longer Remains Silent. Nor in Windsor

ER Editor: We don’t normally venture into the territory of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) of children. Obviously, it is virtually impossible to verify the claims made, nor do we wish to descend into sensationalism. However, something different about Jeanette Archer‘s utterly bold, fearless public speech lasting around 50 minutes, made outside Windsor Castle no less, one of the homes of the Queen. It was made on or around October 12.

Pirbright Institute - SERCO - UN - The Wizard of Oz - Follow The Yellow Brick Road.

The Theft Of Gold & Assets From Around The World - Through Acts & Statutes From A False Queen - HMRC Have The Data & Evidence

Corona - CROWN - Virus: No Virus - No Test - No Contagion - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars - Kill The Creditors To Balance The Books

You Are The Creditor - The Living Man or Woman

1952 King Georg VI Passed

1953 2nd June - Silent Weapons Quiet Wars Commenced. Coronation Day of Elizabeth.

Was This Recorded In The Buck House Accident Book? Possibly Not!!

Savile - Philip - Etc



The Zandvoort complex, where satanic pedophile activities took place, as well as torture, tribunals (which is against the Satanism) and other hell activities, extends miles out. Namely under the circuit to the north to 4 Km below IJmuiden.

East to 2 kilometers left of Bloemendaal and Santpoort.

Justin Walkers Uncle - Blue Arrow..

EyesIsWa tchin Podcast #63 - Great Reset, Energy Crises, Dollar Collapse, 6G Mind Control (

It’s time. The end will be a new beginning

Justice will be served


This is an old CIA memo from 1967 to all bureau chiefs around the world.

This memo is the SOURCE of the phrase “conspiracy theorist.”

After the Warren commission published its conclusions about Kennedy’s assassin, books were published casting doubt about the reports conclusions.

The CIA instructed its agents to quash all debate by labeling anyone asking questions as conspiracy theorists.

What was the CIA so afraid of?

What’s wrong with questions and debate? What were they trying to hide?

Why is it that anyone who questions the nature of COVID-19, potential treatments, and concerns about vaccines is labeled a conspiracy theorist?

Why are they trying to keep me silent if everything done is right and good for our nation?

Share and follow me for the shocking truth!

Silent Weapons - 5G - The Economy - Vaccines - Bio Weapons - They Are All Part of The Quiet War Against The International Public.

Population Reduction & Harm has been the Agenda & Slavery Has Been The Method through Social Engineering techniques developed by the Fourth Reich - The EU, UN, WEF, CCP, Your Government. Vaccine Bio Weapons - 5G Triggers..

Stone Of Destiny - What If The Queen Wasn't The True Queen? They Knew - The Rothschilds Knew - They Manipulated The Situation.

Stone of Destiny - Geoligical Proof (1) (2)
Download PDF • 2.58MB

Download • 4.59MB

Did this happen or are we having a Tussauds moment?

Pope Francis Dobbed In Liz - They Are On The Run!!

Pope Calls Back The Cash - They Own Your Upper Case Name: Your Bank Account!!

Lets see - stranger things have happened - Was Anne Boleyn Beheaded or survive to have a daughter? What followed isnt recorded too well or taught in History Books. Review an alternative view.

Munchkins - The Wicked Witch Is Dead

The proof of deliberate genocide by Church and State in Canada is found at .

The evidence that forced Pope Benedict from office and convicted the Vatican, the British Crown and Canada's churches of Genocide is detailed in the record of the International Common Law Court of Justice, The Case of Genocide in Canada (2013) at these links: (Part One) (Part Two) (Sentence and Verdict)

The QFS is the takeover of the Central Bank Monetary Debt System to end the financial slavery and control over the populace.

The QFS is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate monopoly on monetary system and for that purpose, a system comprises of Artificial Intelligence and complex computer programs fully backed by banks is needed.

Quantum Financial System would be a break through in the world of banking which will lead to a new era of banking.

QFS will not be influenced by Government policies, rather it will be entirely backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Silver and will not be based upon mere piece of papers which have no evidentiary value.

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