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Now Is Your Time - Community Assemblies

Step Out - Step Up

Imagine a world where... ...cashflow, products and services are determined by humane agendas, not by corporate agendas. ...human mental and physical well being and that of all biological life are central and under your authority. ...communities and localities make decisions in line with natural and common law principles and where public servants really do serve We The People. ...communications media that you participate in, create a space for your voice and free expression, instead of restricting it. ...peace constables uphold common law, social order and where non-conformity is not a crime. ...council tax has been annulled and any taxes you pay, fund only projects which benefit all, rather than vested interests. Imagine... It is time to step out of the old, dying system. New models of financial exchange await. Liberation from unlawful taxes beckons. Improved health care, which focuses on you, is ripe to appear. Bottom-up local administration is around the corner. Beep, in conjunction with Common Law Court and Community Assemblies, launches

Step Out and Step Up. Building local infrastructure. It's time to say "no" (step out) to the old corruption and "yes" (step up) to your future prosperity. For more information on Community Assemblies, Common Law Remedies, and especially re galvanising your business in these troubled times. Contact A Beep Pro - Common Law Court contact: You will find them initially in Elephant Group then Community Assemblies Nationally as we establish the new infrastructure. ​​ With Thanks We The People:

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