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To: UK Chief Constables

Ian Hopkins Greater Manchester Police made primary contact and responsible for dissemination throughout UK Chief Constables.


Police HQ

From: Council of Representatives for We The People.


We The People UK -

C/O Boxndice Ltd.

Innovation Forum,

Frederick Road,


M6 6FP



Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

With regard to the previously served 'NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW', which evidently was received by your office a minimum of fourteen days previous to this 'NOTICE TO COMPEL PERFORMANCE' now being served, providing your office with a reasonable time frame for the necessary investigation into the evidence and allegations of high treason etc provided therein to take place, we the people now compel you to perform according to English Constitutional law, and to clarify your lawful position to the Council of Representatives for 'we the people' within Seven (7) days from the above date.

You need not be reminded that you have a 'duty of care' under Oath to perform according to law. We the people also have a moral and lawful duty to "compel" all others to defend the sovereignty of the Nation according to the famous security clause (Article. 61) of Magna Carta 1215 and, we hereby exercise this duty under duress at this time.

Essentially, all that is required from the police service is a); acknowledgement of the TRUTH (evidenced facts provided) and b); assurance in substance that you will perform according to law based on said facts without delay.

Make no mistake, 'we the people' are numerous whilst this action is being observed, followed and supported by millions of people with growing interest and concern worldwide.We shall never surrender.

Served under duress in peace and by lawful obligation, without malice nor ill will.

Sincerely, Council of Representatives for We the People.


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