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Pfizer - Albert Bourla - WDA - UK - Satans - WEF - Plan Crumbles. UK Government - Councils - Focus.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Again join the dots. Join the peaceful revolution against the UK Government supported WEF Genocide Agenda. Shut Down The Vaxx Death Centre's - Its Satan's plan to end humanity. UK Government - NHS Management - UK Councils. - Police - All Complicit in the crimes against humanity. Nuremberg Code - Counting Rules - Apply.

Covid Criminals - Courtenay Heading
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Dear Dr Adil


Thank you for confirming that you are able to attend the APPG for Covid-19 Vaccine Damage on Thursday 20th October at 14:00.

Please note that owing to capacity constraints, only invitees or those notified to us in advance will be able to attend.

 Kind regards


Mrs Alexandra Guyver

Office Manager to Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP

House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

T: 020 7219 4762


The system needs changing

After our visit to the vaccine centre in Windsor on Tuesday it really highlighted a few things. There is more of us than them (police)

Our voice counts and they refused to even look at the overwhelming evidence of mass genocide, murder, crimes against humanity and everything else added and they weren’t interested

The truth is coming out and we can see it, with that comes change as this whole cabal evil system is crashing.

Tuesday highlighted whose side they are on, we are unable to change that now, we have exhausted all options and now these people (mostly good) in a bad system will be punished with the system. Same for doctors, nurses, oncologists and midwives that have continued to push this death jab. Crimes against humanity will be live in prison

We the people will be deciding that. After all the lies are being revealed, we are going to be pushing back for justice. Compensation and the punishment for everyone who decided to side with the devil. Only a few more weeks left

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (1) (3)
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