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Police Report 4 - Asset Theft - Business Theft

Setting the scene - Police Report 1 and 2 show there is NO Pandemic.

It also shows that the Police will NOT follow up a report of Genocide against the Greater Manchester public. Theft from Sovereign Wealth funds etc. 13:12, 27.04.20 Confirmed.

Police Report 3 - Identifies the planned theft of assets in the form of property and businesses and cross refers to a parallel site Tangent Property Services of mine where i started this journey in 2006 and came up with a number of solutions over time and identified the root cause.

This is also a terrorist activity, steps and evidence linked below - Police Report 3.

HM Treasury and HMRC are the route cause of the inside job element.

Proven 16.10.18 and 30.11.18. Affidavit 0.9 has the detail.

Police Report 3.

We are in a Police State through Social Engineering brought about by a hoax pandemic?

Talking and listening with many business owners some who are opening up, some who no longer can as it just isn't viable they are wondering how to move forward.

Some business owners don't know what to do, as do they want a repeat in Corona Virus 2 - The Sequel (As indicated by the Govt narrative) or as it will be clearly identified in time 5G, Small Cell, Kawasaki Disease and Vaccine poisoning that will kill those that have bought in by design to the false Govt narrative of vaccination.

This we are looking to avoid through increasing the populations awareness. This Govt Push - Pull technique of confusion is summarised well May 15th in the Off Guardians post.

We have no need to go through years of research and denials as we now have evidence from other areas leading to The Banker Deep State techniques and the original Police report audit trail of case - Cyclops 1146/12.

This as stated to APPG Banking and MP's Mike Kane and Kevin Hollinrake with supporting evidence was a financial take down of the UK economy this was proven into HMRC and HM Treasury 2018.

Those who are behind this reported criminal activity have now carried it out to the letter. They have even given speeches on the false Covid 19 pandemic hoax. Its in your face.

So we know whose delivering the message and therefore working with the Deep State.

We know whose funding the exercise. You (Taxes), I, Bill Gates, Rothschild and Rockefellers (World Health Organisation) Bilderberg Group Corporate's benefit and We Know in the US Trump is getting a handle on events and turning the situation around reported by the Q Channel.

The next stage though is where it becomes more complex. 5G and Vaccines.

We know whose behind it as the plan is so cunning and unless you know how they think and previous experience, you'd spend another 10-15 years working it out and proving it unless you've got the audit trail of the method, fortunately we have.

Why is nothing done? MP's, PM's Civil Servants are compromised and controlled through a mix of financial incentives, coercion or paedophile networks run through the banking world. This is Tavistock Institute, MK Ultra, Common Purpose methodology delivered through Rand Organisation (Rockefeller) training.

Its the Jes Staley Barclays, Epstein, Windsor model. MP's being held to ransom but with a wider scope as linked in Affidavit 0.9.

So.. I will place the Police report to the Economic Crime Unit below here and lets see what they will do? I want to report criminal activity. Thanks

Common Law Court.


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