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The Call To Action Is Now Be Sounded By Those Who Know First Hand What Is Taking Place Within The UK and Globally.

The Elitist Corporatocracy, DeepState, Call them what you want are after not only your property, assets but they are quite happy to contaminate the airwaves with Defence Energy Weapons & Technologies under the pretense of Innovation, Faster Downloads. More Movies?

Why Do You want more movies faster with the costs that are going to outstrip common sense unless there is another Agenda?

5G incorporates frequencies that are un insurable and used in Defence Energy Weapons for Crowd Control and have the impact of causing Cancers Tumours and a range of diseases that you may suffer from or know someone that suffers or had suffered from these?

More about this in the resources section of the site.

Why? Control and Manipulation of the People.

As part of their Eugenics policies documented in the Iron Mountain Report, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. A Bilderberg Group Output. There are too many of us for their requirement?

Does this thinking sound familiar?

1939 -1945 Nazis?

Who financially backed them, Bush Family, Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc.


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