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Signs - Symbols - The Child Catcher - KTCBTB.

Again. Join The Dots. They are getting larger by the day. Do Your Own Research!!

Quote from a friend. Thanks Ian..

"We have arrived. You won't see this on the news.

Here's a monthly chart of the Dow Jones top 30 companies.

The Dow has dropped below the Buy/Sell line.

Look to the left and see the 2001 Tech crash and 2008 banking and housing crash.

So small in comparison to this F/ker .

Oh and they carry on printing fiat money to hold the market up $32 trillion at mo

Source 2

KTCBTB - Kill The Creditor - Balance The Books - SWQW -

The Elders of Zion Strike Again

Download • 7.14MB

Dr.William Makis MD, FRCPC Alberta Health Services (AHS)

University of Alberta,

Dept of Radiology 5970 Mullen Way,

Box.36560, Edmonton, AB, T6R 0T4



October 15, 2022

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) 1410 Blair Towers Place,

Suite 500 Ottawa, ON,

K1J 9B9

Dear CMA Presidents

Dr.Alika Lafontaine (2022‐23) and Dr.Katharine Smart (2021‐22)

Re: Sudden deaths of 80 young Canadian doctors since rollout of COVID‐19 vaccines

On September 3, 2022, I wrote you a letter regarding the sudden and unexpected deaths of 32 young Canadian doctors since the rollout of COVID‐19 vaccines, and I raised concerns about COVID‐19 vaccines and vaccine mandates contributing to these sudden deaths.

The letter went viral on social media, it was viewed by millions of people worldwide, was translated into dozens of languages, and became the topic of numerous podcasts, media interviews, internet videos and news articles.

There has been a tremendous interest worldwide into what is killing Canada’s fully COVID‐19 vaccinated young doctors. Unfortunately, Canada’s healthcare leaders including CMA, do not share this interest.

Both of you failed or refused to respond to my letter, and you also failed or refused to respond to inquiries made by American philanthropist Mr .Steve Kirsch, as well as inquiries made by journalists.

Download PDF • 1.96MB

I am now providing you an update with information about 80 young Canadian doctors who died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout of COVID‐19 vaccines.

Four more doctors have died since my previous letter, and these unexpected deaths are accelerating.

You cannot continue to ignore this. My team has assembled a database of 1638 Canadian doctor deaths during the period 2019‐ 2022, with 972 of them from CMA’s own website.

Our preliminary analysis of this extensive data suggests that Canadian doctor deaths under age 50 in 2022 will be 2‐fold higher compared to the 2019‐ 2020 average. Shockingly,

Canadian doctor deaths under age 40 are already 5‐fold higher in 2022 compared to the 2019‐2020 average, and Canadian doctor deaths under age 30 are 8‐fold higher!

And What About Your Children?

The Tree of Life - The Satanic Connection - Good v Evil - Luc's Court Exhibit - Notes.

Lucjan Domanski - Court Docs-3.1.22 (1) (3)
Download PDF • 3.09MB

Torah - Amalek - Kabbalah - Covid1984 - 5G - Gentile - Goyim - Destruction - Zion. Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Again start to join the dots of WHO and WHY? Amalek - Tribes who are now Westerners - Europeans - UK - USA. Torah - The Five Books of Moses. Gentile - Non Jews Goyim - - Non Jews Holocaust - The Treatment of Jews specifically 1930's - 1945 - 1948 Zohar - Kabbalah - Mystic Teachings of The Jewish Faith

Beware The Child Catchers - MEDIGOLD HEALTH

Our Occupational Health services:

We’ll invest time in getting to know your organisation and work with you to create an occupational health and wellbeing strategy that addresses your specific needs to the highest standards, always taking into account existing regulations.

This personalised approach will enable us to provide you with robust advice and a comprehensive portfolio of services that’s tailored to your business and will help you to keep your people in work, safe and well.

The Gulag Awaits Those Not Prepared:

UK Gulag Under Construction

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