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SRA - King Charles - Grand Jury - No Victim - No Crime

What happens when you test the system find it fraudulent but you've exposed them.

The Penny Drops for Judge Perriman - Sedition - Contempt of Court and covering up SRA within social services in the North East. Rangy case..

SRA - Satanic Ritual Abuse - Exposure plus Correcting The Constitution. Indictments!

A little exercise in LEGAL - Lawful - Authority Jurisdiction & Slavery.

Start to do Your Own Research - Starting Points.

House of Commons, House of Lords, Royal Assent? - Here We Get The Problem.

There Has Not Been A Legitimate Monarch since the 1600's?

Clues Are Here:

and here

Stone of Destiny - Geoligical Proof (1)
Download PDF • 2.58MB

No Liz 2 - No Charles III - Who is King Charles?

Mark is currently in HMP Peterborough. For defending Rangy in Court and Placing the watchful eye on Social Services, Westminster & The Crown and directing them toward an honorable outcome. This they did not take and chose the option to move him out of the way..

WTP-Alfreds Law
Download PDF • 556KB

The Deception of Liz II - Charles & The Lizard People - The City of London.

Dont Mention Jimmy Saville..

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