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State 5G Bills Stripping Away Local Protections For Liability From Harm

5G From the US.

Salford 5G Tower That Will Support Small Cells

State 5G Streamlining Bills Are Stripping Localities’ Basic Contractual Rights To Indemnification

Some state 5G streamlining bills are targeting and eroding localities’ basic contractual rights to indemnification. If 5G is safe, why are the companies who are going to profit from it afraid of indemnifying local communities for potential harms?

Telecommunications companies want to roll out 5G-ready infrastructure termed “small cells” across the country — whether communities want it or not. They want communities’ tax dollars to subsidize this rollout. And now, they want to make sure that when the lawsuits start, they aren’t the ones who pay for the fallout.

Has your state passed a 5G streamlining bill yet?21 states have. In several other states, bills failed or are currently pending.

Telecommunications companies have been lobbying to get language that helps their bottom line into these state bills. And although they have more than enough money to do this on their own, they are now also soliciting your help to build out the 5G-ready infrastructure even faster.

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