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Sue Webster - John Kitson - MP Visit

Updated: May 25, 2019

Lets see how Sue Webster & John Kitson Go On.

We Will Follow This one as it Progresses.

Documents referenced:

Yesterday we emailed APPG Bankings team to draw attention to the Direct Energy Weapons threat that 5G doesn't disclose to the public or possibly local councillors.

Kevin Hollinrake MP and Heather Buchannan APPG Banking have been informed and provided with reference materials of both the Banking Scams and Fraud also linked 5G weapons capabilities.

Using Follow The Money Techniques the same parties benefit from both the Bank Fraud Registered To Date and profits of the roll out of 5G. This isn't too hard to see.

The City, Corporates and public officials who are meant to protect UK and Global inhabitants will be held to account should 5G cause further fatalities.

The Health Issues Raised Are No Longer In Question.

The whole plan can be discovered in documents within this blog relating to Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and the IRON MOUNTAIN report pieces of work.

US Congressional News Briefing On 5G: Senator Blumenthal.

SMART: Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technologies

25.5.19 Results.

To Be Expected As Most MPs Are Bought As Weve Found With The Finance Industry & Health & Agriculture. MPs Will Have A Lot To Answer For As We Cleanse The System With Non Influenced Politicians.

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