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Donning The Foil Hat - Eric Idle - Monty Python

When i first started discussing and documenting much of the Bank related fraud also the stages of manipulation that were taking place, many seemed to think that "you are off your head" aptly positioned by Eric Idle in the slide from the PAG deck.

Before we go into the background and thinking whose behind many of the worlds sick events to date also where this is leading the key slides will be presented below.

Bank fraud that was left for over a decade is only being questioned now since 2018 in Parliament by APPG Bankings Kevin Hollinrake MP.

The fraud and cover ups we now know start in the UK HM Treasury.

We are now at a juncture where we don't have 10 plus years to understand the issues and work this through we need to act now or life will never be the same again for our children and grandchildren.

The future will be as presented in The Iron Mountain report if we dont act.

That being servitude to a master that has created World Wars and bloodshed beyond belief.

In order to address this PAG enhanced the scope of property fraud to include 5G implementation and bringing awareness.

The IG Farben Deutsche Bank model or method dictated that before troops were moved in Businesses were bought out or stolen.

Financial theft from unsecured banking products, legislation impacting SMEs and SME Assets have been the adopted route and this is covered within the PAG deck.

There is no need to send in troops when you deploy weapons grade 5G infrastructure.

It has capabilities to seek out and display individuals behind concrete and brick walls as we have all breathed in nano particulates for decades from chemtrails.

PAG is a secure environment to conduct an approach to counter the attacks on your health, wealth and prosperity.

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