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Tests - Jabs - 5G - Masts - Going - Going - Gone!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Work In Progress.. Till Its OVER!!

The steps to successfully close these centres of DEATH are beginning to unfold.

Each time we get someone to listen and take note that we are serious, professional and have purpose, truth will be seen.

An ideal example of how to conduct a COVid site closure we witnessed this week.

Informing The Police of The Need To Take Action - ASAP!!

Patience and explaining to the Police under their oath, on what their role is and who they are working on behalf of will need to be explained as they have been in an abusive relationship with their management teams for decades.

Not too long now before we begin to see the correction kicking in.

You Can Be Heroes - Just For One Day!! - Bowie.


Lot & Batch Numbers: Some are harmless. Some are doped with toxic mRNA components. They are experimenting with lethal doses. Nuremberg Code 1947 applies.

This is NOT negligence - This is premeditated Mass Murder. Damages and Punitive Damages Kick in. Doctors - Media. Damages $1M per person 50 - 1000 times multipliers.

40% Excess Mortality Rates - Masks - Vaccines - Graphene Hydroxide - Ingredients Are Deadly. EU are behind the European implementation. A Vaccine has to make you immune, these do not do this!!

Common Law Constable Updates Police On Actions They Need To Take.

The Brazilian Job - Pfizer


This was a LONG review. I tried to cover everything I saw in the contract. REMEMBER – I AM NOT A LEGAL EXPERT, everything above are MY OPINON and my OWN interpretation.

I am not a legal expert, but you don’t need to be a legal expert to identify risks. I work in information security for many years, I help organizations manage risks of confidentiality, integrity and availability for a living.

If I can see endless contractual risks in this contract, and I am not a lawyer, I can assure you that lawyers would have noticed it.

  1. This contract MUST have been approved by the legal departments not only of the ministry of health but the legal department of the Brazilian government. If not, it is a legal suicide.

  2. Who are the legal experts who vetted this contract on behalf of the ministry of health and the governments?

  3. Where they qualified to vet such a contract, considering the international jurisdiction involved?

  4. If such legal experts vetted the contract, who saw the legal risk assessment and who signed off for the legal risks?

  5. Was the person or body which signed off for the risk (accepted the legal risks) had the authority to do so?

  6. Why citizens were not being presented with the contract and the contractual risk assessment prior to the agreement?

  7. Why do citizens still being denied access to the contract their country signed in most of the countries of the world?

This is not a regular contract, this is a contract which introduce a magnitude of legal risks and huge liabilities to the countries that signed such an agreement. This contract impact every citizen, it strip away our rights, as citizens. This is not an agreement with a company, it is an agreement with a foreign power, a foreign government who sets up the rules and subjugate countries to follow them.

Every country that has signed this contract with Pfizer has been forced into becoming a pharmaceutical Banana Republic, where the priorities of a multinational supersede the priorities of its citizens. You might think that you live in the US, Canada, Israel, Brazil, or the United Kingdom, but in fact you are living in Pfizerland, or Modernaland, or AstraZenecaLand.

The contracts I have published brought to light the fact that our governments have been forced to sign such agreements without our knowledge and our consent as citizens, which turned our world into one big pharmaland. I do not want any company to be above the rule of law of my country, and I do not want my country to change its laws so that a company can be exempted from what we, as citizens of the country, are required to abide by. Our governments and ministries are supposed to serve us, not a pharmaceutical multinational, any other multinational company.

This needs to end, RIGHT NOW.

Exhibit B

Exhibits A - K ; Human Rights - Risk Assessments - 5G Rollout - No Virus - No Test - No Contagion. Please Provide Peer reviewed Papers isolating SARS COV 2? Terrorism Against The Men Women & Children of The UK.

Exhibit A

Flyer Front Page

Tom Petty - Royal Albert Hall 2012 - I Wont Back Down

Intentional Malicious Infliction of Harm - Reiner Fuellmich.

1. Leaked Contract that Endangers the UK Democracy. As received – linked.

14) The government made a commitment to buy HUGE amounts of vaccines from the suppliers. For what? For a flu-like virus? Due to simple laws of evolution, the COVID19 mutation get more infectious and less deadly.

15) But as government try to enforce an obligatory quarterly vaccination, now clear to see that the vaccination is an attempt to push a digital currency and an introduction of an Agenda 2030 which none of us has voted for or even been asked for our opinion.

16) Our government had used the state of emergency to sign for an obligation that they were hiding from the legislative and the judiciary. They continue to use this state, and they are very much dependant on the state to establish the infrastructure they have built upon it.

An agreement made in sin that brings suffering to our country. You have a power to stop it.

I ask you to do so, for Britain, for democracy, and for the future of humanity.

Yours sincerely

Ehden Biber, London, The United Kingdom

Tom Petty - Free Fallin - Building 7

Dylan - Times They are A Changing

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