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The Government Lies. Its Protecting The Deep State.

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

This Guy Knows What Happened When Dr David Kelly Refused to Comply.

David Kelly Was Murdered By Blair's Weapons of Mass Destruction Caper. They Murdered Millions after the 911 Bush lie. Is he going to tow the line. You Bet..

UK Govt Spreading False Fear. 5G, 60GHz and the Vaccine are/ will be the Killer not Corona Virus.


Government Website Data:

This COVID 19 SCAM, Hoax, Non Pandemic was to bring down the Economy.

Watch These Two Video Pieces To Grasp The Wider Problem..

ITNJ Special Seating

Other Supporting Data:

Dr. Shiva Ayadurai, the inventor of email and candidate for the senate in Massachusetts, talks about the Sustainable Development Goals, signed off by the United Nations, called SDG-3 in 2015. Based on the ignorance of Medical Doctors on the immune system and nutrition, the UN planned to use the corona virus as a hidden enemy to scare the hell out of people in order to mandate vaccinations for the “common good.” One could imagine oneself why the pandemic started in Wuhan, at a time when there were heavy protests against the pollution. Shiva explains how politicians tend to support the big companies by regulations that don’t serve anyone but these companies and that way also supporting mandating vaccines. How the “cashless society” is being used to for top down ruling, monitoring and even controlling expenditure. And where 5G comes in. Although his way of talking is showing the sincere authentic personality of Shiva, this edited version of the original video is meant to make this video more understandable and available, for example by cutting out the many “okay’s” Shiva tends to use and the many elaborations. Here’s the link to the original video:

Affidavit provides the links between Govt, Deep State, Paedophiles Networks in Parliament, Banking and People trafficking. QAnon - Balanced Thinking

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