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The Lost Letter - Virus - Pandemic - 5G Confirmation.

A few links between my research, follow the money exercises carried out by other researchers. Start to identify the pieces and you get the Nazi Gold, Off Book finance, Bush Banking Cartel and white collar criminal networks.

The UK Rothschild Banking Cartel and their associates all tied together.

PAG Deck linked in Affidavit 0.9 joins more dots.

5G is a big payday as the result is cashing in of the sovereign wealth funds now that they created the Corona Virus Bill.

No Checks on real cause of death. Death Certificates rigged. Whistleblowers silenced. Same as the systemic banking fraud but this time its your life they are cashing in on. Clean sweep if NOT addressed.

Why Trump? The tactical approach explained.

200 Generals - Secret Service Officers. Had had enough. 9/11 being the trigger.

Wuhan, Vaccine Given, People Died en route to the Hospital. Filmed for public consumption. Cruise Ships 5G WiFi Satellite. SES.

9/11 Was the trigger, Stop Pedophilia, Human Trafficking

D.U.M.B.S Deep Underground Military Bases - Child Trafficking Holding Centres.

Arrests began in Europe - Infrastructure Removed.

Public Disclosure - General Flynn

Mercenaries - Private Armies

Full On Military Operation to identify and clear DUMBS

Funding from Black Projects and The Secret Space Programme

The Hidden Systems of Finance That runs into Trillions of Dollars..

Follow The Money.

Lord James of Blackheath may have the answer to Joseph Farrell's questions.

Lord James of Blackheath - 15 Trillion dollars and 750 thousand metric tonnes of gold 16th Feb 2012

Greenspan, Geithner Co signatory witnesses. Original Contract. Treasury offer to buy out bonds to replace cash for $500 Million for worthless bonds.



Plus & Many More - The Great & The Not So Good!!

Abramovich, Roman Arkadyevich

King, Mervyn

Ackermann, Josef

Kinnock, Glenys

Buffet, Warren

Noyer, Christian

Bush, George HW

Ofer, Sammy

Cameron, David William Donald

Ogilvy, David – 13th Earl of Airlie

Clarke, Kenneth

Rice, Susan

Clegg, Nick

Richard (Prince) – Duke of Gloucester

Clinton, Bill

Rockefeller, David Jr.

Constantijn (Prince) of the Netherlands

Rockefeller, David Sr.

Constantine II Greece

Rockefeller, Nicholas

De Rothschild, Benjamin

Sarkozy, Nicolas

De Rothschild, David René James

Sassoon, Isaac S.D.

De Rothschild, Evelyn Robert

Sassoon, James Meyer – Baron Sassoon

De Rothschild, Leopold David

Sofía (Queen) of Spain

Emanuele, Vittorio – Prince of Naples, Crown Prince of Italy

Soros, George

Geithner, Timothy

Greenspan, Alan

Volcker, Paul

Grosvenor, Gerald – 6th Duke of Westminster

Hague, William

William (Prince) of Wales

Balls, Ed

Mandelson, Peter Benjamin

Blair, Tony

Miliband, David

Bolkiah, Hassanal

Miliband, Ed

Camilla – Duchess of Cornwall

Carney, Mark J.

Philip (Prince) – Duke of Edinburgh

Chan, Margaret

Pio, Dom Duarte – Duke of Braganza

Chan, Norman

Pöhl, Karl Otto

Charles – Prince of Wales

Rothschild, Jacob – 4th Baron Rothschild

Straw, Jack

Gates, Bill

If Nothing else it explains a few things? OR Warrants a line of enquiry.

Follow the links.. Piece The Details Together.

Both Gates & Will Are Illuminati - Along With The Rest of The NOT So Royal Clan

Question Everything..

Who or what are The Privy Council and How Do They Benefit from the Greatest Secret?

Start of Legal Process.

If The British Monarchy Was Linked With A Small Island - Think Child Trafficking - FiJi, Indonesian Islands, Papua New Guinea, Taron, Kimbe.....

Text from George Bush Senior Indictment Linked With Gordon Bowden Findings.

The defendant George Herbert Walker Bush changed several national mining laws including laws in South Africa in full violation of FCPA. This exact area is a well known hot spot for the CLINTON FOUNDATION and BARRICK GOLD Incorporated. As your honors may or may not be aware, this occurred during a specific incident dealing with the country of the CONGO.

It continued on from there where serious activities of money laundering, racketeering and extortion were uncovered which will be aired. We note to your honors that the accused may not use the “bad memory” syndrome for his defense again as such notions will do nothing to avail those required responsibilities. As such, we again direct your honors to the problems that transpired in this area and why each of those events amount to no coincidence.

During 1993-97,George Herbert Walker Bush aka George Bush Senior attempted to change the official mining act and in the process ran afoul of several severe national laws. The severity of the damage can by no means be understated your honors,as it affected residents across all of Tanzania and other neighboring countries.

As a result of all these infractions, it is alleged now that more than a hundred miners were killed in sudden “accidents.”This was done with the willing concert of the Black Eagle Trust which we will prove on record.

In the course of these events, massive child trafficking was conducted

We will prove this operation was linked directly to the above declared Eagle II which was bankrolled by the GEORGE SOROS private foundation. Your honors are to note in the supplied documentation, the CIA is named as the trafficking hub for many larger shipments through Arkansas. (CIA formed from Reihard Galens SS Nazi Eastern front Spy Network - Project Paperclip)

This will all be released as due day draws near and defendant will be ushered before a Grand Jury to answer at the podium for each charge. [Military will explore further options for sentencing including prison cell conditions or chambers.] “The company, which Bush now personally leads, was created by Bush's political partners--British elite narcotics financiers, and arms traffickers and money launderers. {and is owned by SOROS & co} Using the influence of this political faction, Barrick acquired important interests, first in the United States, then in Canada and South America.

In South America, as Barrick boasts in its 1995 annual report, the company has an aggressive, long-term approach, with mines and projects established in strategic locations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. ``Almost two-thirds of the exploration and development drilling budget will be spent in South America, where the company has decided to focus its efforts,'' the annual report states.

In addition, with its intended conquests in Indonesia and Africa, the firm now says it aims to move from third to first among the world's largest gold mining companies.”

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