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The Property Action Group

For Shops & Businesses who already have seen the PAG Video and are now getting started :

Members - Request Conversion to become a Beep Pro - Sign Up Retail Shops

Time to make a difference.

If you want your local stores and businesses to survive, come to this webinar to learn how.

Register now so that you receive reminders.

This Webinar is for people who want to learn how to promote.

The date is Saturday 28th Nov at 4pm

When you have attended the promoter’s webinar above you can now bring in shops and business owners.

The Webinar for shops & business owners is Monday 30th Dec at 6pm

The events we have booked are as follows:

Promoters webinars:

Sat 28th Nov 4pm (link above), Wed 2nd Dec 12 Noon, Thurs 3rd Dec 6pm

Shops & Business Owners webinars:

Mon 30th Nov 6pm (link above),

Tues 1st Dec 12 noon,

Thurs 3rd Dec 10am

See you there


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