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Trafford Street Lighting - Philips City Touch

Become a smart city with connected lighting

CityTouch is a secure, connected lighting management platform that is helping cities become more livable, efficient and sustainable.

CityTouch provides full visibility and control of your city’s street lighting from a centralized dashboard, allowing you to securely monitor light points, set schedules, and adjust light levels on demand. Data encryption and two-factor authentication ensure the software meets the most stringent security standards.

Easy to use web applications provide a complete view of your connected street lights, enabling you to manage workflows and deploy maintenance crews only when and where needed. System data gives you near real-time insights into energy use and cost, helping you plan and schedule more efficiently.

CityTouch Ready luminaires from Philips integrate seamlessly with the CityTouch platform. Your existing luminaires can also be made CityTouch ready with a node or connector kit, or you can select luminaires from our list of certified partners. Whichever CityTouch Ready luminaires you choose, CityTouch gives you complete flexibility with open standards and easy integration with other intelligent platforms and IoT devices, ensuring you keep pace with smart city trends – now and in the future

Trafford LED Analysis Document

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