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UK Cabinet on House Arrest - BBC / ITV/ Sky - Where Are You?

Given there is an arrest warrant in process for Matt Hancock also Boris - Hancock and many World Leaders have an indictment raised for their collaborative efforts in bringing down the Global and UK economies also Genocide, the media seems somewhat silent on these pieces of news?

I spoke with Dave Laity of CLC yesterday and the Hancock warrant is raised and progressing. The nature of the intended recipient (Hancock) determines certain protocols have to be followed with options for him to give himself up.

This item i found very interesting and can only assume that its as the result of Michaels work at The Bernician:

Supported by the fact its all been proven a hoax you would have thought those intelligent chaps at the BBC/ ITV / Sky and mainstream media would have picked up on this?


But they haven't as they are Criminals.

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