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War Castles 7-10: Shipping - Postal Wars - Banking Wars 2

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Sergeant Robert Horton. Overview Part 1

What clue gave the key to grammatical fraud, syntax fraud, contract fraud, outright fraud?

The Birth certificate - 1933 the people became the method of finance for the US.

At Birth Registration You are Considered Missing, Lost at Sea or Dead. You are Cargo or a Vessel.

1999 - The largest secret had been kept under wraps for decades. 5 Star Trust exposed.

The People are Chattel. Slaves.

War Castles 1-6

War Castles 7

War Castles 8

War Castles 9

Deep State, Cabal, Shadow Governments outed. Bankers Paedophiles and the art of blackmail. The Grooming of Politicians. Washington DC was taken over by the Deep State.

War Castles 10

Part 2

Reno Seminar 1

Reno Seminar 2

This content when read or watched helps comprehend that all contracts are written in "masonic babble". When educated in the system we are taught to a low level of English say level 2 of an 8 level (Approx) system.

Quantum Syntax Parse Grammar may help level the playing field? Its about adoption and being taught to a wider audience and recognition of standards.

I think we are looking at a Betamax, VHS standard style situation and when placed next to Common Law and the mantra of No Harm, No Loss, No Injury, Common Law would be more readily adopted by the masses. Lets see how this pans out a combination of the two systems though could be a belt and braces approach to correcting commerce and contracts.

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