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50% (approx) of UK Mortgaged Property is in
Negative Equity.
What Happens When Your Property is Near a 5G Antennae?
5G is the Densification of 
2G, 3G, 4G & 5G Technologies That Will 
Increase Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Related Diseases.
5G Is A Defence Energy Weapon. NOT Telecomms.
This The FCC,
Corporates & UK Govt
Dont Want You To Be
Aware Of. Why?
Who Controls Govt?
What Is Their Objective?
Who Is Showing You The Full Picture?
There Is A Duty of Care &
Responsibility In Public Office.
AV10 David Ellis - Roman Temple Of Mars.
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Failsworth - Manchester
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Basque Barcelona-Paris, France
Are Signs Of What May Be Ahead?
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