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Dielectric Lens - Phased Array

Defence Energy Weapon - 2019

Dielectric Lens.png

In Use In The UK Now!!

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There Are Many Things That Are Hidden From Us

Usually In The Interest Of Those Who Rule And Wish To Direct Our Lives.


Valiant Thor, A Visitor From Venus In The Late 1950's Met World Leaders from the UK, Russia, Japan, USA and Others. His Message Put Down Your Arms Develop & Learn His Peoples Teachings. Live With One Another In Peace.

The Leaders Decided Against This, As It Would Be Too Much Change.


Listen To The JFK Piece Within This Short Video. This

References Monolithic And Ruthless Conspiracies Who Rule & Dictate To Governments.

The Information Valiant Thor Brought, World Leaders Decided Would:

"Destroy The Economy Of The World"

Who Runs That Economy?

They Decided It Would Destroy Industries - Medical?


Medicine Is Run For The Benefit of The Pharmaceutical Industry Profits.

We Already Have An Effective Cancer Treatment But They (UK Govt, MHRA)  Will Not Allow It To Get To Market. 

Those Who Dictate To Government Do Not Have The Best Interest Of People In Mind. They Are Focused On Greed & Control.



Justin Walker - British Constitution Group & New Chartist Movement Giving Testimony at The International Tribunals for Natural Justice.

Secret World Government.png

Justins Uncle By Marriage Was At The First Bilderberg Meeting. Indicated By The Blue Arrow Below.​

His Uncle Was Sir Harry Pilkington, Lord Pilkington The Owner Of Pilkington Glass.

Justin Remembers a Train Journey With His Uncle When 16 Years of Age.

His Uncle Gave Him Advice For Life.

1. Never Believe The Press, We Control It.

2. Politicians Cant Do Anything. Unless We Say They Can.


Justin now works with ITNJ. Child Trafficking, Central Banking and Govt Manipulation Are All Guided By The Same Hand.

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