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5G The Bit They Arent Letting You Know About & Why

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Got One Of These

On Your Street?

Telensa 1.JPG




Sunniside LED.JPG

These- Or Similar?

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Your Council or Local Govt Will

Run A Management System - Enabling This? - Gateshead UK

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Dielectric Lens.png

This Is Phased Array - Dielectric Lens Technology - Used in Defence Technologies. Now Street Lamps.


They Will Be Able To See Through Walls & Yourself As A 3D Image As Youve Taken in Nano Particulates For Decades - Chemtrails?


You Could Potentially Suffer One of These Symptoms?


As In Banking (FSA to FCA) And Medicine The Regulators (FCC) Are Bought Industry Insiders Acting As Honest Brokers?

There is Effective Cancer Treatment.

MHRA have Blocked it? Why?

£££ GC-MAF £400 per treatment - Existing Chaemo Treatments £40,000 a Round?

Someone Is Making $ £ At Your Health Cost.

What Happens When The Installations of The  SMART Grid

Are Fully Implemented? Read The Linked Data. 

Civil & Criminal Liabilities Need To Be Raised. Personally & Professionally.

Our Health, Our Childrens & Families Health Is At Risk. Public Health is Being Ignored in Favour of Profit & Ultimately Control of The Masses. The Same Families Are Behind This Deployment That Were Behind Two World Wars & The Holocaust. This is A Crime Being Committed. The Crimes Witnessed in Banking Are Now Being Commmitted in Technology through 5G & SMART Technology Deployment. This is A Killer Technology. Set To Harm Intentionally. Review:

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.


Nano Particulates - Chemtrails - X Marks The Spot


The USA Are Further Ahead In This Programme.

We Can Stop It In Its Tracks

MCR Sustainability.png

Kill (Resilient) Cities By Rothschild & Rockefeller


NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Rothschild Global Advisory, one of the world's leading independent financial advisory groups, today announced that it is has promoted Homer Parkhill and Stephen Antinelli to Co-Heads of Restructuring in North America, effective immediately. Mr. Parkhill and Mr. Antinelli have been part of the senior leadership of the firm's Restructuring practice for many years and will continue to be based in New York.

Announcing the promotions, Jimmy Neissa, Head of Rothschild North America, said, "In looking at our priorities for building the business in North America, the leadership of Rothschild felt that now was the time to elevate Homer and Steve to this role. This is an important move for Rothschild as we ensure the firm is in a strong position in this market for many years to come. We are truly excited about the future of this group under the new leadership."


Was Grenfell an EMP? Electro Magnetic Pulse? SMART METER RELATED?

Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technology.

Electricity problems at Grenfell Tower 'never resolved'

By Andrew HoskenThe World Tonight BBC Radio 4



Dozens of residents of Grenfell Tower suffered electricity power surges so strong their appliances malfunctioned, overheated and emitted smoke a few years before the fire, it has emerged.

Documents seen by the BBC reveal how 25 residents claimed compensation from the council following the surges in 2013.

Some say electricity problems persisted into the months before June's fire.

Police say the blaze, in which at least 80 are thought to have died, started in a fridge freezer on the fourth floor.

One fire expert told the BBC the electricity spikes could have been an issue which led to the fire starting in the first place.

Neither the council nor the tenant management organisation which looks after the tower have commented.


The documents show that 45 of the tower's 129 flats were affected by a particularly powerful electricity surge on 29 May 2013.

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